Energy positive sewage treatment plants – A sustainable solution for climate protection in municipalities

20Oct 2017

The municipal wastewater in Europe contains an available chemical energy of about 87,500 GWh per year. This corresponds roughly to the capacity of 12 large power plants. Due to the currently used technologies and the associated energy loss in the individual process steps, sewage treatment in Europe instead consumes primary energy of more than two power plants.

The use of the available chemical energy represents a great opportunity for municipalities, wastewater associations and operators of sewage treatment plants to evolve from an energy user to an energy producer and thus, on the one hand, to reduce costs and, on the other hand, provide an important contribution to climate protection and energy transition.

In the framework of the POWERSTEP project, which is funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, new technologies and concepts are being tested in close cooperation between research and industry in order to make the energy content of the sewage water available at existing sewage treatment plants without major investments.

In our event “Energy-positive wastewater treatment plants – A sustainable solution for climate protection in municipalities” (on 26/10 in Döbeln – Germany), these technologies are presented in cooperation with Veolia. Together with the Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank, possible funding solutions will be introduced and in discussion with the audience, the various starting conditions necessary to realise the concept of the energy-positive sewage treatment plant are presented.

Following the event, there will be the opportunity of an exchange with the speakers and other participants as well as to participate in an on-site visit to the sewage treatment plant Westewitz. The Westewitz plant is one of the pilot plants within the POWERSTEP project and it is managed by the Veolia subsidiary OEWA Wasser und Abwasser GmbH the Döbeln-Jahnatal wastewater treatment association.

Turn your sewage treatment plant into a power station and actively contribute to climate protection in your municipality!

Note: this event will be in German.

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 Döbeln, Germany     20/10 - 20/10/2017
Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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