Energy Evaluation Europe 2020

29 06 2020
 The Bartlett Real Estate Institute, London   29/06 - 01/07/2020

2020 is a special year: it has been a key target year for the European energy policies. Evaluation is getting increasing attention to go beyond the general figures and to better understand the trends. This is not only about checking if targets are met, but knowing why, and paving the way for new policies that can address the numerous challenges ahead of us.

The new European Commission has committed to act through the European Green Deal. Evaluation will have a major role in helping to make this plan and the resulting national and local policies and programmes successful. The upcoming conference in London in June will thus provide a timely forum!

Over 25 parallel sessions will provide a rich overview of the latest developments in energy transition policies and related evaluation practices.

This year’s conference expands the former scope of IEPPEC beyond energy efficiency policies, with sessions about complementary policies for energy transition about RES, demand-response and electric vehicles. The sessions will cover sectoral policies for buildings, industry and transport, as well as cross-cutting policies such as Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes or innovation policies.

The 80 speakers from 11 countries will present the latest results and lessons learnt from policies, as well as new experience gained in evaluation methods to assess impacts and better understand what works and what does not. The discussions will also deal with how evaluation can help to improve policies in practice.

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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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