EENSULATE Project: Training materials

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EENSULATE Project: Training materials

The goal of the EENSULATE project is to develop an affordable advanced architectural glass to address thermal and acoustic insulation. Eensulate is expected to minimize thermal bridges between curtain walls and sub-structures, have cost-effective control of solar radiation and approach to insulate the spandrel, allow for an easy implementation on site by reducing the weight of the curtain wall.

Watch the finished installation of the EENSULATE façade module at the demonstration site - Public School in Dzierzoniow (Poland)

The Polish school is located in a curtain wall building that the Dzierżoniów municipality would like to refurbish improving the façade performances. The renovation intervention consists of introducing glazing curtain walls enhancing the building profile to zero energy in line with EU and national targets for public buildings. After the implementation of EENSULATE solution, the building will be a real show case proving the project results to both national and international stakeholders, enhancing also the image of Dzierżoniów municipality.
More info about this demonstration site 

And Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) at the demonstration site - Muzeum in Dzierzoniow (Poland)

This house, built in 1897, originally belonged to Hermann Cohn, Cohn Gebrüder co-founder and one of the first mechanical weaving mill in Dzierżoniów. The building has been carried out many renovation and adaptation in order to arrange the available space for museum purposes. Preserved elements of the interior gradually returned to its former glory thanks to the conservation work carried out. Today the museum hosts permanent exhibitions, including cartographic collections and documents concerning Dzierżoniów and the surrounding area. A large collection of artefacts illustrates the development of the region since the late Paleolithic to modern times.

More info about this demonstration site


Eensulate project partners have also created installation guidelines that describe the installation of the EENSULATE façade module and the Vacuum Insulated Glass.

You can read and download it HERE.

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