[D2Grids] The newsletter #7 of the D2Grids project is out !

 [D2Grids] The newsletter #7 of the D2Grids project is out !

In this newsletter, we invite you to discover the extension of the D2GRIDS project, the news and events of the sector, and expert insights about the development potential of 5th generation heating and cooling network.

The D2Grids project has made promising progress in recent months towards the deployment of 5GDHC in Europe. While the project team is making progress on its deliverables and implementing its advances on its 5 demonstrators, the project will also work on a better integration of electrical uses and local renewable electricity production capacities: good progress in perspective to improve the decarbonization of 5GDHC networks!

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The D2Grids project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of existing buildings with 5th generation heating and cooling networks through the use of renewable technologies, energy storage and smart grids.

D2GRIDS stands for "demand-driven grids". It is an Interreg North West Europe (NWE) project that runs for over 4 years (2018- 2023). Mijnwater Energy Ltd, based in the Netherlands, is coordinating the project with 15 other main partners and 6 secondary partners. Five pilot sites located in Paris-Saclay (France), Bochum (Germany), Brunssum (Netherlands), Glasgow and Nottingham (UK) will develop 5GDHC networks.

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