Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

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Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023

The Climate Chance Association will bring together on the 23rd and 24th of October 2023 in Yaounde, at the Institut Français in Cameroon, 600 African actors from the "climate community": high-level personalities, experts, actors in the field, representatives of local governments, businesses and organised civil society.

2 days on the theme of “Sustainable Habitats and Climate Change in Africa”

This conference will mobilise a variety of actors from across the African continent around the theme of sustainable, accessible and inclusive living, a key topic at the heart of local climate action.

The housing sector is very dynamic in Cameroon, the country committed even before the Paris Agreement in 2015, to the integration of energy efficiency and resource conservation measures into the construction sector.

The Conference #CCCA2023 fits into the international climate agenda as a decisive moment in Africa for accelerating the implementation of adaptation and mitigation actions, in particular for housing-related sectors, notably with UN Habitat’s Urban October and the World Urban Forum WUF12 event to be held in 2024. The event will also be held a few weeks ahead of COP28 in Dubai, which is eagerly awaited with the 1st Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement.

Bringing together non-state actors in all their diversity, the #CCCA2023 event is expected to be one of the continent’s major climate action events. highlighting their actions, projects, and solutions – particularly in the field of housing – to the forefront of the international stage, notably through a vast call for contributions launched ahead of the event.

At the end of the conference, a deliverable will be produced, a summary and advocacy document based on analyses from the Observatory for Climate Action in Africa and outputs from the sessions held during the event: The Yaounde Roadmap will present a set of concrete recommendations for accelerating action on habitat in Africa at local level.

A rich and varied programme

Focusing on the issues of sustainable, accessible, and inclusive habitat in Africa, the event will offer a wide range of formats facilitating content sharing and networking: collaborative workshops, roundtables and debates on challenges and opportunities ahead, Pitch Corner to showcase best practices, networking moments and b2b spaces to encourage exchange, networking and the sharing of experiences. A total of 100 speakers will be taking part in around 30 sessions.

In particular, the programme will address the issues of mitigation, adaptation and financing; the tools and drivers for action: decentralised cooperation, urban planning; and a number of key themes such as access to renewable energy, urban forestry, connectivity and access in cities, etc.

The Yaounde Declaration: a voice for African climate actors

At the end of the Climate Chance Conference Africa 2023, an advocacy document will be produced on behalf of African climate actors, to be presented at COP28 in 2023 and at the 12th World Urban Forum in 2024. The Yaounde Declaration will present a set of concrete sectoral proposals to accelerate action in Africa at local level.

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Yaoundé, Institut Français in Cameroon
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