Build your future with green construction

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Build your future with green construction


In line with our growing economy, we are also experiencing harmful environmental changes. Construction projects are one of the main contributors to the world's pollution. It is the main culprit for at least 4% of greenhouse gas emissions. It also contributes more to water pollution than any other industry, with hundreds to thousands of noise complaints yearly. Although construction projects also pollute the soil, air, water, and noise pollution are the most affected areas.   

Because of this, for years, professionals have tried to minimize these effects by creating alternatives that will decrease the number of greenhouse gas emissions for commercial buildings. And this is where the experts conceptualized green construction.   

Going Green 

Green construction aims to decrease or eliminate unfavorable environmental effects on the design, planning, and operation phases—professionals also term this sustainable construction method. When designing structures, the primary goal is to minimize damage and create buildings that positively impact the environment.    

Several features can make a building more efficient; these include:    

  • Wise usage of water, power, and other construction resources   

  • Utilizing solar energy or other renewable energy alternatives   

  • Conducting waste reduction procedures such as recycling   

  • Enhancing indoor air quality   

  • Using non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable materials   

  • Consideration of the environment or location when designing and operating   

  • Consider the quality of life of occupants in design, construction, and operation   

  • A cohesive plan that allows adaptation to a continuously changing environment   


Benefits of Green Construction   

Economic Advantage   

Although environmentally safe, the initial costs of green construction can be greater than traditional construction. Any additional fees are usually in the design and construction phase. On the contrary, some construction research shows there is little to no discrepancy in the costs of green building practices. But investing in the initial stages is more fulfilling because you regain your investment once the building is open and functioning.    

Energy Efficiency   

Architects of green buildings conceptualized their projects to minimize the use of non-renewable sources. Green construction experts then install solar panels to gather energy from the sun for an electrical source. In addition, some also design windows that allow more natural light to enter the building to reduce the use of artificial light.    

These methods ensure that your establishment utilizes energy resources efficiently. Energy efficiency is vital for any commercial because non-renewable energy is costly and contributes mainly to our world's pollution.   

Workplace Productivity   

Professionals construct green buildings with designs that allow excellent ventilation. This results in employees in office spaces increasing in cognitive function, problem responses, and focused activity levels. These spaces can also enhance your staff's well-being by encouraging a better sleep cycle and less likelihood of getting sick-building syndrome.   

 A boost in workplace productivity will not only positively respond to your company, but it will also attract more clients and boost your market in the long run.    

Market Value   

Sustainable and energy-efficient commercial buildings have become more noticeable among investors and future occupants. It can increase marketability if your establishment utilizes greener alternatives that promote less environmental deterioration.   

According to research, green buildings tend to draw more buyers and occupants due to their benefits. Therefore, owners can implement higher lease and sale prices because of the demand and technology.   

Less Building Cost and Maintenance   

You may think constructing a green building will cost more than traditional commercial buildings, but it is like conventional ones. Lowering the cost will require expert project planning, product research, and other methods to ensure that all designs that the experts incorporate will enhance a greener establishment.   

In addition, some experts will also utilize recycling materials to cut your expenses when constructing green buildings. Even design techniques like passive cooling and natural lighting can significantly reduce operating costs.    

With these advantages, it seems like we will see more skyscrapers that promote a greener alternative for construction projects in the future. If you're planning to switch from traditional construction to green construction, ensure you consult a professional with significant experience with these types of projects to get the desired change you want to make for your facility.  

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