“Biophilia, connecting Health and Wellbeing with Buildings and Land” IX BioEconomic® Sitges Day 2020

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“Biophilia, connecting Health and Wellbeing with Buildings and Land” IX BioEconomic® Sitges Day 2020

Nature integrated in Buildings and the urban landscape, sustainable territory and respectful of biodiversity. The Town hall of Sitges and BioEconomic® are happy to invite you to the IX BioEconomic ®Sitges Day 2020 : “Biophilia, connecting Health and Wellbeing with Buildings and Land”.

Date and time : 

  • September 25th 2020
  • 10h - 14h

Place : 

  • Miramar Building 
  • Davallada Street, 12, -08870- Sitges, Barcelona 

In-person and broadcast. 

Integrating the Biophilia in buildings and land in order to give it a sense of connection with nature. The importance of green infrastructure on health. An evolution process of natural selection that acts in intelligent species which survival is deeply connected with the environment and the practical appreciation of plants and animals. Construction and Health should work together; it is all about integrating the Biophilia, reducing energy consumption on Buildings but also reducing and minimising risks for the health of the users.

We outline the quality and respect for the environment within building; going deeper in how can it be more compliant with life quality and the health of people. This will be done through the field of health and wellbeing, a key factor if we take into account that two thirds of our times are spent indoors.

The Passivhaus principles bring a set of global improvements, from the user to the building and up to the environment. The different spaces are configured through diverse concepts such as Biophilia for more natural spaces.       

Free Inscription: BioEconomic webpage: https://www.bioeconomic.es/angles/index.html

Davallada Street, 12, -08870- Sitges, Barcelona
25/09 - 25/09/2020
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