BIM4REN - Deliverable: Digitalisation of the building renovation process

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BIM4REN - Deliverable: Digitalisation of the building renovation process

The first Work Package (WP1) of the Horizon 2020 project BIM4Ren has been concluded. The main milestone achieved at this stage is the completion of the definition of the “Overall framework for a digital driven Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS) ready BIM based renovation process”. This framework also covers the specifications developed for the integration of tools & services in the BIM4REN digitalized renovation workflows.

The works were supported by the adoption of an innovative methodology where surveys, individual interviews and collective workshops were deployed. Moreover, the methodology was based on a participative and collaborative approach; indeed, early adopters and Living Labs were arranged around the pilots in order to focus on some specific cases before extending the experiment to a wider application.


Under the lead of the Spanish research and technology organisation TECNALIA, the process started with a preliminary identification of barriers and constraints with the ambition to understand the connections between stakeholders within and across renovation phases. We covered the information exchanges, focusing on the needs and potential improvements to make the process more cost-effective and as a result, we have identified a series of key factors of improvement through digitalization that could optimize the renovation process. At the same time, we were able to analyse the context of our pilot cases in order to pinpoint and characterize the workflows that are at the core of the business-as-usual use-cases.


Building on the initial identification of workflows, barriers and constraints, we performed an analysis as a second step, with the goal to improve the process by leveraging agile collaboration between actors, simulation and design tools. Focusing on the exchange of information capabilities and the sharing of a common and up-to-date source of information that allow faster processes and activities, a common language was elaborated, to bridge the communication gap that frequently occurs during design and implementation of a digital process.


Based on these two previous activities, a digital workflow was suggested with representative and measurable parameters based on currently used indicators. These are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Characterization Parameters (KCPs), which are oriented to collect information that describes each of the main activities and phases covered during the renovation project. This information will support each stakeholder to improve the overall process as well as the resulting renovated building.


To conclude, useful digital software solutions used to enhance the renovation process were studied. Based on the above-mentioned requirements, workflows and relevant information put forward by different stakeholders, we performed the identification, characterization and categorization of available BIM4Ren tools. Their usability in different renovation scenarios, the alignment of tools and workflows (based on the pilots) and the identification of present gaps within these workflows were all evaluated. While the focus relied on tools provided by project partners, either already on the market or in development, third party open source solutions were also considered. From all this resulted a mapping of these tools (for each task stemming from real-world renovation activities) and the definition of the Exchange Information Requirements for the BIM4Ren platform.


The final outcome is the operational framework and overall requirements for the digitalized IDDS ready BIM based renovation process that will be applied within the BIM4Ren project. In a nutshell, the functional and non-functional requirements of the main technological components to be orchestrated into the BIM4REN framework have been defined, and they will guide the development of tools and solutions to be implemented in the project’s One Stop Access Platform.


Main author: Peru Elguezabal, TECNALIA

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