[Podcast] Micromobility industries : at the intersection of regulation and new mobility

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This week, Oliver interviews Emily Castor Warren, one of the first employees at Lyft and then Lime in the policy space. We have an amazing conversation about the history of rideshare and micromobility, especially as it pertains to regulation, and where operators are getting it right and wrong. Emily is currently working with Fontinalis, a VC firm investing the future of mobility. She has some of the deepest experience in the weeds with regulating new mobility, and yet at the same time able to see the massive wider vision of possibility for this. It’s a great interview. 

Specifically we dig into: 

  • Her experience as one of the first employees at Lyft, her interest in ride hailing and how she saw the conversation re: cities and technology shift over the 5.5 years she was at Lyft. 

  • Her view on the quickly shifting regulatory landscape of micromobility, and what the likely predictable outcomes are 12-24 months from now re: particular business models. 

  • Her post-Lime life working with VC at Fontinalis and how they, and the wider industry, are thinking about the policy and regulatory implications of their investments.

  • What areas she’s excited to see technology disrupt in the transport/mobility space and why

  • Where the upcoming challenges for micromobility are coming from in the regulatory space including enforcement, new vehicle types, micromobility autonomy (she’s less bullish than Oliver!), speed of infrastructure adaptation and more. 

  • What she’d recommend entrepreneurs think about when looking to build companies in the mobility/transport space.


Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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