Newtonproject House 1, positive energy collective housing, Germany - Green Solutions Awards 2019 Winner

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This building, located in Adlershof, Berlin, was awarded a national distinction in the Energy & Temperate Climates category. It then won internationally the 2019 edition of the Green Solutions Awards in this same category!

Designed as an iconic project in Berlin’s sustainable Adlershof district, this project aims to exceed the KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus standard.

The result is a positive energy building whose main innovation comes from the photovoltaic elements of the facade. These elements are arranged in such a way that they are difficult to see. As a result, the building fits into the surrounding urban fabric and its gardens and access areas contribute to the permeability of the soil.

The carbon footprint of the construction has also been the subject of a lot of work. Concrete was used only for the structure, which is covered with wooden curtain walls using cellulose and recycled wood-based insulation. Above all, the deconstruction phase has not been forgotten, since this building will be dismountable at the end of its life.

Another important issue was also taken into account from the design stage. The interior design can evolve over the different phases of the building’s or its occupants’ life, with partitions separating the apartments easily redesigned.

Collective housing
Berlin, Germany


  • Contractor: Newtonprojekt GbR
  • Construction manager: Deimel Oelschläger Architekten Partnerschaft
  • Structures calculist: Lichtenau Himburg Tebarth Bauingenieure GmbH
  • Thermal consultancy agency: pi Passau Ingenieure GmbH
  • Others: Dr. Ing. Gabriele Holst; Büro 1.0; Low-E Ingenieurgesellschaft für energieeffiziente Gebäude
Etude de cas NEWTONPROJEKT Haus 1, Berlin Adlershof
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