Press release : FEDARENE calls on Member States to empower local and regional energy agencies for accelerated energy efficiency implementation

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Press release : FEDARENE calls on Member States to empower local and regional energy agencies for accelerated energy efficiency implementation

FEDARENE welcomes the official publication of the revised version of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) on September 20th, 2023.

This revised piece of legislation is raising the ambition of energy efficiency and energy savings targets of the European Union towards 2030. More importantly, the final text mentions and underlines the key role of regional and local energy agencies in implementing the related provisions on the territories across the 27 member states. Energy agencies are acknowledged as key stakeholders in priorities such as supporting regional and local authorities in rolling out energy efficiency measures through long-term planning, and in developing renovation one-stop-shops.

As FEDARENE, we urge Member States to actively collaborate with local and regional energy agencies in establishing comprehensive energy efficiency support mechanisms. It is crucial that energy agencies, at long last recognised within the law, become integral partners for Member States in achieving their National Energy and Climate Plans, particularly in light of EU’s newly binding targets for final energy consumption reduction.


Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE, CEO of North-West Croatia Energy Agency, and Special Advisor on Energy and Climate of the Croatian President:

“Across Europe, energy agencies lead, facilitate, develop, and educate – everything that is needed for public authorities, citizens, and industry to become sustainable, efficient, and resilient. Today we can’t ignore that only our own energy and our own competitive industry will preserve our European values, our stability, and democracy. Our future must be sustainable, energy-efficient, and renewable – otherwise we will have no future.”


Seamus Hoyne, Secretary General of FEDARENE and Chair of Tipperary Energy Agency:

“FEDARENE prides itself on working proactively with policy makers to ensure EU ambition can be delivered locally. The emphasis on working with local and regional energies as independent market facilitators is a critical component of the new Directive. We look forward to working with our local and regional authorities, industry, enterprise, and communities to deliver this needed transformation.”


Christiane Egger, FEDARENE Vice-President for Climate Neutrality and Deputy Manager of Upper Austria Regional Energy Agency:

“We at FEDARENE are very happy and proud that the important role of regional and local energy agencies is recognised in the new directive! We take on the responsibility to make change happen on the ground.”


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