Smart pavers to refresh from rainwater

  • Place de Toulouse Montaudran Aérospace France

  • Year of commitment : 2018
  • CO2 Impact : Drop in long-term emissions under quantification
  • Builder : 2EI Veolia Innove, Eco Engineering Design Office (Consulting and Sustainable City Innovation)
  • Manager / Dealer : Toulouse Métrople

  •  Green energies : Photovoltaic solar
  •  Digital services : Smart metering
  •  Water cycle : Collection, Containment
  •  Circular economy and waste management : Optimization of ressources, Bio-based materials
  •  Biodiversity & Ecosystems : Green and blue corridor

  • Published on 17 June 19
    by Stéphane Thomas|France
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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures

    Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize
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    This solution allows rainwater to be reused for non-potable use: urban cooling.
    The innovation also lies in rainwater treatment: runoff water is collected and treated through depolluting drains (developed by Veolia) before being stored.

    It is an autonomous, fully automated solution: the cooling demand is controlled by meteorological sensors. The materials and equipment used are available on the market. The innovation lies in the management and monitoring of the system's performance through these UTCI measures.

    The system can be remotely controlled by the user (to change the setpoints or parameters) and requires very little maintenance.

    This solution is intended to be combined with other types of cooling solutions (vegetation,...) to create outdoor spaces.

    It can be integrated into a new space of conviviality at the service of resilience.


    Place de Toulouse Montaudran Aérospace France