Recyclean®: re-use of pavements polluted by PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)

  • RD 236 à Beauchery-Saint-Martin (77) France

  • Year of commitment : 2017
  • Builder : EIFFAGE Route
  • Manager / Dealer : Département de Seine-et-Marne - CD 77

  •  Sustainable mobility : Roads
  •  Circular economy and waste management : Circular economy, Reuse

  • Published on 17 June 19
    by Julien WALIGORA|France
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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures

    Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize

    ​The strengths of the Recyclean® process are:
    • It allows the reuse of polluted pavement materials, while ensuring a good sustainability of the infrastructure with a level of mechanical performance similar to that obtained with conventional materials.
    • It is a real example of circular economy, pavement materials remain in the roadway.
    • It responds to the strong problem of the evacuation and the fate of polluted materials, the preservation of natural resources, the reduction of nuisances related to road works.


    RD 236 à Beauchery-Saint-Martin (77) France