Parc des Blondières and natural bathing of Loreto

  • 24 Rue les Blondières, 42420 Lorette France

  • Year of commitment : 2018

  •  Water cycle : Collection, Containment, Capture, Foreshore restauration, Phytoremediation
  •  Biodiversity & Ecosystems : Green and blue corridor, Buffer zone, Ecoystem restauration, Carbon capture, Environment education, Eco-tourism

  • Published on 07 June 19
    by Julien Douesnard|France
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    ​The development of the Parc des Blondières is a very important issue on the scale of the municipal territory because it involved creating a new public facility structuring more than 10 ha around the Dorlay River and its wetlands and at the entrance to the commune of Lorette. In order for the site to be as attractive as possible and to find its pivotal place in the urban planning of the district, access to the site has been completely redesigned. We decided to create a real network of pedestrian links between all the remarkable points of the Blondières site and to create links between the site and its context, particularly the river that runs alongside the park.


    24 Rue les Blondières, 42420 Lorette France