Kindertagesstätte Calarasi

New Construction

  • Building Type : Preschool, kindergarten, nursery
  • Construction Year :
  • Delivery year :
  • Address 1 - street : MD - 4400 CALARASI, Other countries
  • Climate zone : [Dfa] Humid Continental Hot Summer, Wet All Year

  • Net Floor Area : 817 m2
  • Primary energy need :
    107 kWhpe/m2.year
    (Calculation method : )

This kindergarten is the first public building in passive house standard in the region: "Moldova-Romania-Ukraine" and the first certified passive house in Moldova.

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Photo credit

Igor Rotari


    Axis Mundi S.R.L. / RoA RONGEN ARCHITEKTEN PartG mbB

Construction Manager

    Axis Mundi S.R.L.


    Certification company

    Polski Instytut Budownictwa Pasywnego i Energii Odnawialnej

    Other consultancy agency

    RoA RONGEN ARCHITEKTEN PartG mbB + Dipl.-Ing Günter Schlagowski

Owner approach of sustainability

This pioneering project was officially opened in June 2017 by Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of Moldova, in the presence of the German Ambassador Ms. Kuntz.
A milestone for further expansion in this region

Energy consumption

  • 107,00 kWhpe/m2.year
  • Primary energy needs to PER values.

    Annual heating demand:15 kWh /(m2a ) calculated according to PHPP
    Heating load: 12 W/m2
    Annual heating demand: 15 kWh /(m2a ) calculated according to PHPP
    Heating load: 12 W/m2

Envelope performance

  • 0,10 W.m-2.K-1
  • Exterior wall
    40cm Airbrick
    30cm Isover TF Profi WLG 033
    U-value = 0.097 W/(m2K)
    Basement floor / floor slab
    10cm Estrich
    12cm XPS WLG 038
    8cm XPS WLG 036
    10cm Beton
    U-value = 0.175 W/(m2K)
    15cm Stahlbeton
    30cm Isover TF Profi
    U-value = 0.107 W/(m2K)
    Gemini, Thermo Classic 88

    U w-value = 0.74 W/(m2K)
    Unitop Premium 0,5
    U g-value = 0.54 W/(m2K)
    g -value = 34 %
    Entrance door
    g-Wert 34%
    Glas Unitop-Premium 0,5
    U d-value = 1.24 W/(m2K)

  • 0,47


    • Heat pump
    • Low temperature floor heating
    • Solar Thermal
    • Wood boiler
    • Double flow heat exchanger

    Atera , Duplex 3600 Flexi + Duplex 3400 Basic
    Heat recovery 85%

    Heating installation
    Brine-water heat pump with 500l buffer tank, inside the thermal envelope
    Distribution via underfloor heating

    Domestic hot water
    Wood pellet boiler + solar thermal system (13m² vacuum tube collectors)
    Coverage: Pellet furnace indirect 93% - therm. Solar system 7%

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