E.Leclerc Center of Quimper

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  • Building Type : Supermarket - Hypermarket
  • Construction Year : 1988
  • Delivery year : 2015
  • Address 1 - street : 29000 QUIMPER, France
  • Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.

  • Net Floor Area : 6 097 m2
  • Construction/refurbishment cost : 120 000 €
  • Number of Visitor : 50 Visitor
  • Cost/m2 : 19.68 €/m2

Proposed by :

  • Primary energy need
    599 kWhep/m2.an
    (Calculation method : RT existant )
Energy consumption
Economical buildingBuilding
< 50A
51 à 90B
91 à 150C
151 à 230D
231 à 330E
331 à 450F
> 450G
Energy-intensive building

The E.Leclerc Center of Quimper is a classic shopping center, built in 1988.
The E.Leclerc Center in Quimper chose the Cool Roof reflective thermal paint to paint its roof in white to limit the heat of the building.

A white roof "Cool Roof" returns the heat of the sun, limiting the heat on the roof of the building, and therefore inside the building. It is a simple and effective solution to improve the comfort of non-air-conditioned buildings. to limit air conditioning expenses for air-conditioned buildings

Case study :

E. Leclerc of Quimper; 6097m2; 120k € of paint (supplied / asked)

10 days of construction on the roof (without any hindrance for the store)

Result = 20k € saving of electricity consumption / year + prolongation lifetime of the roof.

Internal rate of return measured by 28%

Sustainable development approach of the project owner

For more than ten years, the SAS Kervilly has a permanent will to reduce its carbon footprint and implement a HQE policy with its services, its collaborators with its commercial and associative partners and to "test" in situ experiments improving our energy consumption. In three years, consumption has decreased by more than 45% over the period from 1250Kva to 750 Kva to date. It is one of the first stores to have changed its refrigerants to best fit future bonds, one of the first to change its lighting methods for a transition to full LEDs.

It is especially the only food surface of this size (6097m2) to realize a "cool roof", the biggest of Europe, which ensures a very high energy efficiency (see article http://www.construction21.org/ France / articles / en / rooftop-cost-to-save-lenergie.html).We want and need to continue in these steps and exchange to improve our approach HQE purpose of this application.

Architectural description

The building is a classic shopping center of 6097m2 built in 1988. The roof, not renovated since the construction, is sandwich panel steel tank / insulation / bilayer bitumen and suffering from microcracks. In 2015, the decision was made to try to apply a thermal reflective elastomer paint type "cool roof".

Building users opinion

The owner is delighted with the savings and media spinoffs.
Building users have a better sense of ambient air quality, especially in summer due to the non-start-up of cooling units.

If you had to do it again?

The center E.Leclerc has planned to paint an additional 1000m2.

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Construction Manager



    Corre SARL

    [email protected]

    Application of a white reflective thermal paint to return the heat and thus improve the thermal comfort of buildings or reduce air conditioning expenses.

Energy consumption

  • 599,00 kWhep/m2.an
  • 300,00 kWhep/m2.an
  • RT existant

  • 599,00 kWhep/m2.an

Real final energy consumption

    565,00 kWhef/m2.an

    565,00 kWhef/m2.an

    2 015

Envelope performance


    • Heat pump
    • Individual electric boiler
    • Reversible heat pump
    • Double flow heat exchanger
    • No renewable energy systems

Urban environment

    Commercial area of ​​Gourvilly Quimper


    Cool Roof France

    Cool Roof France

    [email protected]


    Finishing work / paints, mural, wallcoverings

    Cool Roof offers an innovative ecological reflective thermal paint, which reflects the heat.
    Respectful of the environment, it is light, resistant and easily applied on all types of roofs.
    A white roof "Cool Roof" returns the heat of the sun, limiting the heat on the roof of the building, and therefore inside the building.
    The building manager can thus:
    - save up to 30% energy
    - plug the roof microcracks
    - all without having to modify the structure of its building

    Owners of large commercial, industrial or institutional buildings seek this kind of simple, affordable, direct energy efficiency solution, thus avoiding overloading the production of cold.

    Management / Others

Construction and exploitation costs

  • 120 000

Energy bill

  • 272 000,00

Life Cycle Analysis


  • 119 000,00 kWhEP

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

Ce bâtiment possède le plus grand Cool Roof de France. Le point le plus innovant de la rénovation concerne l'application d'une peinture réflective thermique en toiture.

Un toit blanc reflète environ 85% de la lumière du soleil qui l'atteint et chauffe à quelques degrés de plus que la température de l'air extérieur. Un toit noir, en revanche, peut chauffer à plus de 80 ° C.

C’est donc une solution simple et efficace pour améliorer le confort, limiter les dépenses de climatisation.

Les points forts d’un cool roof : 

  • · Réduire les factures d'énergie en diminuant les besoins en climatisation,
  • · Améliorer le confort thermique pour les espaces qui ne sont pas climatisés,
  • · Améliorer le rendement des équipements de toiture (climatiseur, panneaux solaires…)
  • · D Diminuer la température du toit, ce qui prolonge sa durée de vie car il ne subit plus de changements de températures aussi important.

NB : La RTex, RT2012 et certification LEED incluent dans leur calcul l'absorption solaire des parois horizontales. Le coolroofing est fortement utilisé aux USA mais très peu répandu en Europe.

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