Virtual World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2020

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Virtual World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2020

The virtual World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2020, held in virtual Helsinki and virtual Tallinn environments offers a broad overview on the current state of digitalisation of the built environment and plenty of ideas for the future. The big question is how can we redefine sustainability for our urban future through our digital efforts. 

The two-day programme is filled with 8 high-level keynotes, 50 presentations in thematic sessions, matchmaking with international experts and decision makers and more.

All information and full programme can be found here:

For whom?

The WDBE event community consists mainly of CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, experts and researchers working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT solutions and virtual project delivery to name a few examples. You will also be able to meet many Vice Presidents, Directors, CEOs, Managers, other senior level experts and authorities interested in various solutions of digital built environment.


Why to attend?

Keynotes - new inspiration

Sessions - new contacts, knowledge and learning

Matchmaking - new contacts and clients

Collaboration - showcasing co-created efforts

Benchmarking - Nordic and international innovation

Business tourism - discovering what is happening in Finland and Estonia

Investing - discovering new potential

Support - boosting sustainable digitalisation of the industry

Virtual showroom - new innovations

Platform - benchmarking virtual event production

Feedback - testing concepts with industry forerunners

Content creation - for media and expert audiences


Registration - tickets available at 199€ + VAT (additional discounts for groups)

This ticket price includes access to all WDBE programme and content.

29/09 - 30/09/2020
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