Construction21 has been launched thanks to European Union support through the program “Intelligent Energy for Europe” (IEE) with two main objectives: faster spread green building good practices and contribute to the economic takeoff of the sector.

Construction21 is led by IFPEB, which coordinates a consortium of 9 European partners. Each partner leads its own local platform and develops it with local professionals in the country. 

In this page you can find the links to the different deliverables of the project as well as management documents.

D1.2 Management document : KPI milestone goals and reports procedures
D1.3 Publishable management KPI milestone reports

D1.4 Quarterly update of planning and management report to partners and key actors

D2.1 Full export and functional interoperability with Buildup

D2.3 Publication of a glossary of terminology, universal performance indicators to assess green building

Also see the community on line Babel-Vocabulary of sustainable construction

D3.1 Training materials on-line in English and all partner country languages 
D3.2 List of trained people
D4.1 List of partnership agreements

D4.2 Posted site links to target group information with file of on-line communications and list of cities and 50 communities’ moderators updated on line by MC. List of 223 meetings held.

D4.3 Reports to MC by partners moderators of thematic communities on line

List of communities / community managers in the 7 platforms

D4.4 424 case studies on line

See also SUB AWARD 2013 results

Link to national Constuction21portals case studies sections

D5.5 Annual performance indicator update and annual publication of performance awards.

See D4.4

SUB AWARD 2013 results.

D6.1 to D6.6 Trans-European on line communities. 

Link to the 7 C21 communities opneed on Construction21 European platform

D7.1 A business model and structure agreement for replication of C21  delivered to project partners

D7.2  A template contract for sponsorship agreements delivered to project partners 

D7.3 Sponsorship agreements signed for continuation of the project in existing countries 

Link to the pages "Who we are" in the 7 platforms

D7.5 Press partnership agreements signed 

See column "media partnership"

D8.1 Reports and Press releases on “Hot Topics” local networks meetings and large co-sponsored gatherings

D8.2 Internet and press communication campaigns
D8.3 C21 speakers’ bureau in partner countries 

D8.4 C21 thematic leaflet / web pages in partners’ languages and English

D8.5 video in 7 languages

D9.4 Set of updated IEE Common Perfomance indicators including their baseline and assumptions for extrapolation :