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Construction21 wascreatedbyaconsortiumofninepartnerstospeedupthebuildingmarkettransitiontowardssustainability. Theprojectwasselectedwithinthecallforproposals "IntelligentEnergyforEurope" in 2010 andthusenjoysstrongsupportfromtheEuropeanUnionduringitsfirsttwoyears.

Construction21 isalsocloselylinkedtoBuildUP, theEuropeanWebsitededicatedtoenergyefficiencyinbuildings. ThetwoWebsiteswillexchangecontentsandthemostoutstandingEuropeancasestudiesenteredinConstrution21 databasewillalsobevisibleonBuild UP.

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French Institute for Energy Performance in Building

IFPEB manages a shared consultancy between building, real estate, energy and industrial companies. These collaborative actions stimulate the shift to new contracting, financial and technical models, and speed up the transition to green building economy.

Project coordinator.


International Information and Resources Center on Sustainable Development

The favorite scope of the CIRIDD is the promotion and the management of change for a sustainable economic development. Our organization is also involved in sustainable development and environment knowledge management activities designed towards public and private organisations.

IT partner.


German Sustainable Building Council

The focus of DGNB´s work is to strengthen society´s sense of responsibility by promoting active environmental protection and the construction of sustainable buildings. One of the most important objectives of DGNB is the development and operation of a transparent certification system for sustainable building, namely the German Sustainable Building Certificate. Other major objectives are to provide effective planning, construction and operating tools to meet the criteria of sustainability and a platform for knowledge transfer and networking.



PE INTERNATIONAL AG provides services (consultancy) and software solutions for all environmental activities related to production, products and systems, and for corporate sustainability reporting. PE INTERNATIONAL has adapted its services especially for the requirements of building industries and their suppliers. Services comprise: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), Ecodesign/Design for Environment (DfE), Energy Efficiency benchmarks and Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Environmental Risk Management, Environmental Communication and Environmental Product Declarations, Environmental Management, Green House Gas (GHG) Accounting and CO2 footprint calculation, Corporate sustainability support and related reporting.

Italian Construction Contractors’ Association

ANCE is involved with Administrative Authorities in governing the territory, planning investments and designing interventions; it interacts with the Italian government regarding Energy Efficiencies and Renewable Energies legislation and it dialogues with political, social and cultural Institutions at National and European level.

Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto

Coordinator of the local Chambers of Commerce towards the other Regional, National and European Institutions, support to enterprises especially SMEs local stakeholders and Public Bodies.

Vilnius Gediminas TechnicalUniversity

VGTU is a wide range multi-professional academic and research institution with advanced activities developed in eight faculties ranging from architecture to construction and fundamental sciences. The Faculty of Architecture is a national broad professional education entity providing training in a full range of architectural activities from regional planning, urban design and landscape to volumetric architecture, interior design and renovation.

Romania Green Building Council

The Romania Green Building Council is a non-profit, non-political association encouraging the market, educational and legislative conditions necessary to promote high performance construction that is both sustainable and profitable. The organisation has over 130 member companies from all major stakeholder groups usually involved in building sector such as Investors, Developers, Architects, Engineers and Technical Consultants, Producers of Construction Materials, Construction Companies and Facility Managers. The RoGBC is the main organisation representing the voice of the green building community in Romania.

UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change (ESCI-UPF)

The UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change is an innovative research group, internationally well-known, pioneer in developing and implementing the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The UNESCO Chair is working on Life Cycle Management, while building capacity through education and research and providing an international approach. It provides compatible solutions that are meeting the demands of the market, social expectations and respect towards the environment.

Construction21 project is also linked to BUILDUP, the European Commission portal for energy efficiency in buildings.