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Earthquakes and energy consumption in Europe : what solutions ?

Photo by Carl Campbell on Unsplash 15 European entities working together in the innovation project ProGETonE to deliver new (...)


House Moroder

The historic residential building in the middle of the city of Bolzano, which was built in 1926 near the old town, served (...)


One step closer to making sustainable and smart cities

The STARDUST project supported the 2019 edition of the Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions Conference in (...)


4th STUNNING Webinar - Project conclusion / Promoting energy-efficient building renovation

The annual rate of home and commercial building renovation is well under the 3% required to achieve European climate and (...)


Energy sufficiency and rebound effects

This concept paper discusses how energy sufficiency and the rebound effect interact. Rebound effects can constrain the energ (...)


What is an Energy Efficient Mortgages? EEM initiative published the definition

The Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) Initiative is unveiling its definition of an energy efficient mortgage which is the (...)


Innovation Procurement of Energy Efficient Extensive Transformation of Kindergarten

The City of Koprivnica and Regional Energy Agency North (REA Sjever) are preparing a pilot investment to modernize Kindergart (...)


5 reasons to attend the International Passive House Conference

Every year, the Passive House Institute organises the International Passive House Conference, bringing together experts in (...)


International Passive House Conference 2017: Passive House for all!

21st International Passive House Conference 28 | 29 April 2017 in Vienna | Austria    Passive House for all! That's the motto (...)