Air Purifying Green Facade

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  • Producer : Kraaijvanger Architects, TU Eindhoven, Royal HaskoningDHV, Venlo City, C2C Expolab, BBN , Laudy Bouw, Mostert De Winter
  • Contact : Hans Goverde, Kraaijvanger Architects, [email protected]
  • Product category : agroforestry


The green facade and the trees purify the air from the road and railway line alongside the building. More than 100 varieties of flora & fauna contributes to the wellbeing of the employees, combat heat stress and form part of the insulation layer, but most of all they reduce 30% of the SO2 and NOx in the filtered air. The facade filters out the particulate matter produced by 3000 m² of roads and makes the surrounding air cleaner in general.


The city of Venlo established the ambition to create this green facade but needed measurable result before committing to the project. The stakeholders set out with The Eindhoven University of Technology and Royal HaskoningDHV to create a test set-up as proof of concept. This proved a considerable reduction of SO2, NOx and particulate matter, enough for the city to greenlight the project.

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