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Ecopilot is a new system with integrated control of ventilation, heating and cooling. Ecopilot functions brilliantly, both for new production and existing properties where we over-modulate existing BMS. The system particularly takes into account heat storage in the building and thereby counteracts the need of, in a short duration, alternating from heating to cooling, and vice versa. Ecopilot optmises energy with respect to internal loads, weather forcast, indoor temperature, wind impact and sun insolation.


They are very happy about the huge enrgy savings that we have accomplished
The conclusions which could be drawn are that the requirements for the indoor environment are fulfilled with Ecopilot and that with the new control you have greater variations in the room temperature and air flow, especially during the summer drop, but that the greater variation takes place outside the comfort periods.

There is a full report from this study that you can get from Mr Lars Ekberg at CIT Management

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