ABC 21 Africa-Europe Bioclimatic Buildings for XXI Century

Mission: bioclimatic design, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings

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  • Funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program initiative, the ABC 21 project aims to identify and document African and European bioclimatic designs and the use of local materials as methods to develop and promote sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

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    ABC21 project is excited to announce that the "International Conference on Bioclimatic Materials and Buildings (ICBMB) - Energy efficiency and global industry value chain" will be held on May 3-5 in Ifrane (...)

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    The ABC 21 project will participate in the eceee Summer Study online conference (for more details click here). Wednesday, June 9th 2021, at 16h15 CEST we are organising a session that will address the (...)

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    The negative impact of climate change on warm weather regions is undeniable, yet more and more inadequate design solutions are being adopted by these regions on account of globalization trends, thus resulting (...)

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