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March 15, 2018 – Green Solutions Awards: The 2018 edition is on!


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The 2018 edition of the Green Solutions Awards is on!

Construction21's international contest was launched at MIPIM, the international real estate trade fair in Cannes, France. This competition highlights exemplary buildings, districts and infrastuctures solutions for a more sustainable world. To inspire professionals in your country and across the world, enter the contest before June 8 by publishing your case studies on Construction21 (free application). The winners will be rewarded during the COP24 in Poland.

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Green Solutions Awards 2018: applications are open!

Promote your know-how and your solutions by entering the competition. Submit your buildings, districts or infrastructure case studies on Construction21 and inspire your peers in your country and abroad! Apply before June 8.


The Green Solutions Awards 2018 are on! Construction21's international contest will showcase your exemplary projects (buildings, districts, infrastructures) and your contribution to a more sustainable world. Inspire your peers in your country and abroad. Enter the competition today! (applications close on June 8).



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