Mastère spécialisé® - Advanced Master in infrastructure project finance

  • Tags : finance, infrastructures, law, project, investment, engineering, construction, operations
  • Categories/sub-categories : Building economics

  • Institution: Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Duration (days) - Training places: 365 days -
  • Tax-exclusive price : 15000 €

  • €15,000 for students who pay for the course themselves.
    €18,000 for students for whom the course is financed by a company or organisation.

    These prices are subject to change

    Available in intra : No / E-learning included : No

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    The objectives of the Infrastructure Project Finance IPF program is to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge on different areas of expertise of engineering, finance, and law applied to complex infrastructure projects finance.

    With a curriculum based on real case studies and classes provided by professionals with significant experience in the subject, the master acts as a fast-track program to a successful career in infrastructure finance and investment.

    To discover

    Program :

    • Fundamentals of corporate finance
    • Basic mathematical and modeling skills
    • Spreadsheet skills for modeling
    • Conferences on economic sectors
    • Conferences on the principals and stakeholders
    • Essentials of Project Management
    • Tax, accounting and legal issues
    • Hedging instruments
    • Modeling
    • Leasing & structured finance
    • Management skills
    • Negotiating in a multicultural environment
    • Communication skills
    • Compliance, CSR and Ethics
    • Financing energy projects 
    • Financing innovation and venture capital
    • Financing real estate projects
    • Financing acquisitions and LBOs

    Training site: Champs-sur-Marne (France)

    This Mastère Spécialisé® (Advanced Master) accredited by La Conférence des Grandes Écoles is aimed to develop the abilities required to integrate the different areas of expertise in Infrastructure Project Finance including engineering, construction, operations, financing, guaranties, insurance and legal practices. The skills acquired in this program will enable participants to work in an international environment in the construction industry, finance institutions or rating agencies, banks, insurance companies, investment funds for infrastructures, development banks or equivalent, audit firms, law firms, administrations and public sector institutions.


    Program strengths:

    • Diverse student population reflecting multiple cultures and disciplines.
    • This corresponds to the current demand of future employers seeking teams that are multicultural and multidisciplinary.
    • Diversity of courses taught by prestigious Academics and Professionals.
    • This model allows students to acquire critical thinking and risk analysis abilities.
    • Global work opportunities for students: Following graduation, 30% of the participants will work abroad.
    • The courses will be taught entirely in English
    • Collaboration with American universities will be developed in the near future to provide the opportunity for dual degree diplomas. Similar collaborations with other universities around the world are also being considered. 


    Career prospects:

    • The skills acquired will enable participants to work in Europe and abroad in:
    • Construction industry
    • Finance institutions & rating agencies
    • Banks and Insurance companies
    • Investment Funds for Infrastructure
    • Development Banks or equivalent
    • Audit and Law firms
    • Administrations
    • Public sector institutions

    Code : IPF
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    Duration (days) : 365 days

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