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Is Europe ready for Sustainable Plus Energy Buildings and Neighbourhoods?

With the publication of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, stating that we will likely reach (...)


[Webinar] US-EU Exchange: Advancing a climate-neutral recovery

Kicking off a new series of high-level exchange between the US and the EU on climate and buildings, this session will give (...)


Horizon 2020 - European Green Deal call factsheet

€1 BILLION for research & innovation to boost the EU´s green recovery. The European Commission tables €1 billion under Horiz (...)


How does your country perform in energy efficiency?

A survey has been launched in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Watch Project. The survey aims at collecting opinions (...)


Press release: BPIE publishes Action Plan to support economic recovery and launch a renovation wave for Europe’s buildings

BPIE – The Buildings Performance Institute Europe, has released its latest publication, “An Action Plan for the renovation (...)


The Zero Carbon and Circular Economy Challenge in the Built Environment – Policy options for the European Union and its Member States

Getting on track to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C, as was agreed in Paris back in 2015, would not just be good (...)


FEDARENE President Julije Domac interviewed by Parliament Magazine

With their close proximity to citizens and unique competencies, Europe’s regions are well placed to inform policymakers on (...)


The BRICKER video

Public buildings typically use 40% more energy than the residential sector. Therefore, energy efficiency is essential to (...)


Energy back in local hands

Some examples in Europe show that cities running their own energy company can lower the energy bill for citizens Across Europ (...)