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Contruction21 is a free tool dedicated to professionals from the building sector, designed as a co-ownership. Everyone can develop its own topic, serving its own objectives, while contributing to the enrichment of the whole community.

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Depending on your position in the building sector, you will get the following benefits for yourself and your organization:

  • Construction Company, consultancy firm, architects? Promote your outstanding accomplishments your country and in Europe by posting case studies.

  • Industry? Highlight your best technical solutions and materials through the innovations presented on each building displayed in the database.

  • Expert in your field? Trade Union? Lead a community on your specialty and become the leader in your country while developing your international network.

  • Cluster? Local Association? Lead local communities and participate in national communities to find new partners.

  • Specialized network? Strenghthen the action of your working groups through online collaborative tools and high international exposure.

  • University, School, Training Institute? Enhance your research programs in Europe and confront them with the reality of practitioners on the ground.

  • Conference, professional exhibition? Announce your conference program to a targeted audience and extend the debates online between two events.

  • Local authorities, governmental associations? Support your region’s economic development by the creation of green value and green jobs.

  • Private or Public Owners? Demand the best from your partners by identifying the best projects according to energy, environmental or economic criteria.

From May 2013 after the completion of the European funding that allowed launching the project, Construction21 governance will be open to all stakeholders in each country and in all Europe. Want to get strongly involved in this platform? Contact us.

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