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Based in Alberta and launched at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, GlasCurtain offers strong, durable Fibreglass Composite Curtain Wall Framing Systems that reduce energy costs by 5-10%.

Exclusively designed for triple-glazed applications, GlasCurtain is dedicated to improving envelope performance, particularly on projects striving for LEED and LBC certifications.

GlasCurtain is a proud member of the Canada Green Building Coucil as well as the Alberta and Atlantic chapters.


GlasCurtain fiberglass composite curtain wall framing was used extensively on this project, far more than you'd expect for such a high-efficiency building. Most high-efficiency buildings minimize the amount of glazing they use because this is the weakest part of the entire thermal envelope. That is, the typical glass and aluminum frame combination that makes up normal curtain wall is the best conductor and the worst insulator in the entire envelope. For proof, look no further than a typical Passivhaus design; it's like being in a bomb shelter.

But on The Mosaic Centre, curtain wall is to be found around the entire east end of the third story, on the east end of the main floor where the daycare centre will be, on the west end of the main floor where the restaurant will be, and most prominently, on both the north and south faces of the central atrium. Basically, glass is everywhere, largely thanks to the industry-leading U-value of the fiberglass composite framing we use!

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