Awareness raising and training for children, technical staff and cleaning staff

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Optimal Solutions has set up a training and awareness program for 3 different targets:
- Children and teachers: at a rate of 250 courses per year, for kindergarten and CM1/CM2 students. They learn the right things and why.
- The technical agents: they manage the buildings under the tutelage of Optimal Solutions which trains them every year on the piloting of the schools. They are either agents of the City of Paris trained by Optimal Solutions, or private contractors trained regularly internally.
- The cleaning staff: They are there before and after everyone. They therefore have a key role in steering the buildings. They must be made aware not to open the windows large to ventilate the rooms and encourage them to report a malfunction.


Good acceptance in general, especially among teachers who are very demanding of this type of awareness. Energy performance is at the rendezvous

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