ALBA-Gypsum board with phase-change materials

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The use of phase-change materials has been foreseen in certain parts of the building where it is considered important to improve the thermal inertia to balance the thermal jumps. It consists of the use of gypsum plaster that contains gel microcapsules of phase-change material. The use of this material is done experimentally, in order to establish results for future applications.


In this system, it has been considered that the thermal loads of the summer in certain orientations, mainly in the month of June (July is considered practically non-working and August null) will be the most difficult to combat. In certain classrooms, all its perimeter will be covered with drywall with the phase change material (Alba-de Rigips-Saint Gobain plates). It is expected that the delay in the thermal wave that this material can contribute to a thermal balance, taking advantage of the usual thermal jump between day and night in this climate.

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