Trox Cube ventilation unit

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The ventilation unit is located in component B on the first floor in the building services room. The regulation takes place via the control system in the ventilation center. The ventilation unit was split into the ventilation center via a mounting opening in the north of the building and assembled in the building services room.
The ventilation unit is a central ventilation unit with 2 parallel rotary heat exchangers with heat and moisture recovery. The parallel rotating heat exchangers and the use of special pocket and pleated filters (F9) reduce the flow resistance of the ventilation system and thus reduce the energy consumption of the system. The device was developed by the BPS-Engineering building technology office.
• Air handling unit Trox Cube with 2 rotary heat exchangers
• Air flow 4,500m³ / h per rotation exchanger
• Reverse heat number (EN308) 90.58%
• moisture content 73.14%.

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