Outside Circulation Respiratory Curtain Wall System

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The energy saving principle of open outside circular double layer curtain wall is that: in winter, air in the middle of the layer is of high temperature due to the direct sunlight which likes a greenhouse. This is equivalent to raise the surface temperature of inner curtain wall to reduce the indoor heat loss, therefore the operation cost of building heating is reduced. In summer, the middle layer temperature is high in which situation the inlet and outlet of air channel can be opened for air follow. In this case, the airflow movement takes away heat constantly by which the surface temperature of inner curtain wall is reduced while the air conditioning load is reduced as the outdoor environment effect on indoor environment is lowered. By taking advantage of solar radiation, energy can be saved prominently.


The system has a good effect regarding ventilation and heat dissipation. Air in the middle layer can take away heat to reduce load of air conditioning for energy saving while the double-deck glass can ensure a good indoor environment for sound insulation.

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