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    The EIP-SCC has launched a guidance package to help towns and cities move towards a sustainable future. The toolbox is the fruit of many European projects, including REMOURBAN.   In early May the Committee (...)

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    A REMOURBAN team joined other pioneering projects in Barcelona for this year's edition of Smart City Expo World Congress on 13-15 November. It was certainly not the first time REMOURBAN has attended this (...)

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    December 5 is UN World Soil Day. The building industry has thus been called to account for its role in the massive use of mineral raw materials and environmental pollution.One solution comes from the bio (...)

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    An immersive and interactive workshop at the Nordic Edge conference late September shone the spotlight on how European project teams can get their message across to citizens. Entitled "How to make invisible (...)

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    In the framework of the World Cities Day 2018, BuildHeat in collaboration with other 3 EU-funded like-minded projects invites you to discover innovative approaches, lessons learnt and results achieved (...)

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    REMOURBAN project partner, Matthieu Grosjean from Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ), delivered the latest project insights to the 100 delegates attending the first plenary session at the EIP SCC Marketplace (...)

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