Sustainable District Heating and Cooling in Europe

The 5th generation district heat and cold grid (5GDHC) was first developed in Heerlen, Netherlands, by Mijnwater Energy Ltd. In contrast to traditional district heating, it is an intelligent thermal network based on a local lowtemperature loop. Decentralised energy production, using heat pumps located at the user's premises, allows energy exchange on the network, where flows are demand-driven. This concept allows the recovery of cold and heat emitted by supermarkets, data centers, factories, offices etc.

D2GRIDS stands for "demand-driven grids". It is an Interreg Northwest Europe (NWE) project that runs for more than 4 years (2018-2023). Mijnwater Ltd, based in the Netherlands, is coordinating the project with 15 other main partners and 6 secondary partners. Five pilot sites located in Paris-Saclay (France), Bochum (Germany), Brunssum (Netherlands), Glasgow and Nottingham (UK) will develop 5GDHC networks.

This community, hosted by the D2Grids project team, is open to all professionals and stakeholders who have an interest in energy grids, and want to stay updated on the latest innovations across Europe.
All district heating enthusiasts are welcomed to participate and share articles that caught their attention with the community, to ensure knowledge exchange and interaction among key actors.

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