SB&WRC, European research project for bio & waste construction resources

The SB&WRC project aims at designing and producing 3 prototypes of thermal insulant for buildings, made from biobased and waste-based raw materials. These 3 prototypes will be produced respectively from agriculural coproducts (rapeseed and corn stems, with elements from pith), textile waste and terracotta waste, and wheat straw. the project aims at proposing new solutions which allow, by exploiting waste and agricultural coproducts from the area, both to reduce CO2 emissions and to preserve natural resources such as construction minerals used in the production of the most widespread insulants such as glass wool and rock wool. The project also aims at raising French and English construction stakeholders' awareness of the advantages of these materials.

The SB&WRC project is supported by the European program Interreg VA France (Channel) England and receives financial support from the ERDF.

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