• Type de projet : Construction Neuve
  • Type de bâtiment : Piscine
  • Année de construction : 2016
  • Année de livraison : 2018
  • Zone climatique : [Cbc] Tempéré - Hiver sec, été chaud et humide.
  • Surface nette : 1 845 m2
  • Coût de construction : 1 524 818 €
  • Nombre d'unités fonctionnelles : 720 Douche/jour
  • Coût/m² : 826 €/m2
  • Coût/Douche/jour : 2 118 €/Douche/jour

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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Bâtiments

    Energie & Climats Chauds
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    This building responds in several points to the principles of sustainable development:

    The installation of a light timber frame glued laminated

    Structure and decking thus significantly reducing the dimensions of reinforced concrete columns with a span of 28 m

    Insulation of exterior walls, roof with extruded polystyrene XPS

    Insulation of the walls of the swimming pool, the beach, the water cover with sprayed polyurethane and insulation of all ventilation and plumbing ducts.

    Installation of smoke vents on the roof, to reduce the use of electric lighting during the day and reduce the use of electric lighting the day

    Use of PAC heat pumps for hot water production in the swimming pool

    12 solar panels for hot water production (showers)

    Use of LED lighting equipment

    Use of showerheads and sinks to reduce water consumption and flush toilets with two tank capacities

    Creating a well for watering the garden

    The treatment and disinfection of the pond water by ultraviolet treatment and sand filter


    Sidi Youssef Ben Ali , 40000 Marrakech Maroc

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