CFA BTP in Blois

  • Tipologia di progetto : Nuova costruzione
  • Tipo di edificio : Scuola Primaria o Secondaria, Università
  • Anno di costruzione : 2016
  • Anno di consegna : 2016
  • Zona climatica : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
  • Superficie utile calpestabile : 9 570 m2
  • Costo di costruzione/ristrutturazione : 14 000 000 €
  • Numero delle unità funzionali : 1 100 Studenti
  • Costi/m2 : 1 463 €/m2
  • Costi/Studenti : 12 727 €/Studenti

Moderato da : Sylvain Bosquet

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  • Concorsi

    Green Solutions Awards 2018 - Bâtiments

    Bas Carbone
    Coup de Cœur des Internautes
    Prix des Etudiants

    The MOA wanted an innovative building, communicating, largely open on its territory. 30000m2 of land are arranged between the landscape, the flow organization and the technical operation of the premises.

    From the street, communication spaces and living spaces develop along the forecourt with dedicated volumes offering an architectural sequence offering a qualitative welcome. The building offers a strong relationship between the different entities through a transverse and concentric organization allowing to connect the whole.

    The functional spaces are located around 2 patios dedicated to the expression of the learners' know-how. They bring natural light and hollow landscape, in the heart of the tablecloth of the built volume. In fact the architecture offers the right balance between the technical expression of the functionality, the landscape and the environmental response.

    Wood is the ecological anchor of the project. It represents 100% of the superstructure and constitutes at the same time the supporting structure, the protective envelope, the management of the natural light and the interior architecture.

    The building of technical education is major volumes provided with a cladding consisting of projecting vertical chevrons producing a game, evolving with the light of day by offering movement and rhythm to the facades while providing sun protection.

    The "all visible wood" also brings an educational and ecological dimension for learners. He reveals himself and exposes himself demonstratively.

    The wood allows the use of the advantageous dry chain in the management of the deadlines and the quality of execution. It also allows optimum implementation of thermal insulation, without thermal bridge, with a high performance sealing.

    Bioclimatic design> patios, orientation, protection against prevailing winds, large openings.

    Durable facade cladding, low maintenance> wood, zinc, mineral fiber, prefabricated concrete.

    Natural ventilation thanks to the patios.

    Semi-intensive green roof (15cm thick substrate).

    Infiltration of rainwater to the plot, zero discharge to public networks.

    Area of ​​evolution invasive sport. Involved vegetated parkings.

    EP recovery for maintenance and cleaning.

    Management of natural light.

    Passive acoustic treatment (noisy activities away from quiet places)

    EnR> wood boiler, solar thermal, wind, photovoltaic.

    Passive building. Primary energy consumption below 15kWhep /

    Low Carbon Building. 173 kg CO2 / m2 of emission for the construction of the envelope

    and 1.25 kgepCO2 / m2.year.

    Schema di certificazione


    34 Rue Bernard Darada , 41000 blois France

    Technicals Features