To each his own Construction21

Depending on your place in the construction world, here is what you'll get for yourself or your organisation.

  • Building company, engineering office, architect?
    Promote your exemplary buildings in Europe with the case studies database.

  • Industrial manufacturer?
    Display your best technical solutions and materials among the innovations associated with each new building published in the case studies database.

  • An expert on a specific topic? Trade union?
    Create and manage a community about that very topic you specialized in. Become the leading opinion on that matter in your country and in Europe, while expanding your professional network.

  • Cluster ? Local association ?
    Use collaborative tools and enjoy their benefits to manage your local networks.

  • Specialised network ?
    Power up your workgroups with collaborative online tools and the international scale of Construction21.

  • Universities, schools, training institutes ?
    Reference your programs and trainings on the trainings database.

  • Research centers?
    Promote your work across Europe and confront it with the field as lived by practitioners. Help your students creating their first professional network.

  • Conference, themed tradeshow ? 
    Announce your program to a targeted audience and push the debate further online between two events.

  • Local governments, public agencies ?
    Support the economical development of your area by promoting solutions that creates green value and jobs.

  • Public or private contractors ?
    Know how to ask for the best of your partners by identifying the best projects matching your criterias for energy, environment and finances.

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Updated on August 19, 2014