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  • Year of commitment : 2020
  • Address 1 - street : 12 Avenue Tony Garnier 69007 LYON, France
  • CO2 Impact : A carbon footprint reduced to 45 kgCO2eq / place / year (Life cycle study carried out by Etamine), i.e. -63% compared to a conventional concrete parking lot.
  • Sustainable mobility : Inter-urban mobility, Intra-urban mobility, Mobility services, Multimodal transit HUB for travelers, Soft modes of transport, Urban Logistics, Parking, Urban furniture

  • 150 000 €
  • Builder

Park & Play aims to provide answers to the parking challenge, a major issue for cities, which must now address urban mobility in a reasoned and eco-responsible manner. It is a reversible removable modular car park that can be installed in a few weeks on an existing car park. The concept was developed after two years of research and development by the Gagnepark teams, specialists in parking solutions for more than 15 years, to meet the needs expressed by customers for more agility and flexibility in their parking solution. . The 16-seat commercial demonstrator located in Beynost in Ain is a perfect illustration of Park & Play.

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Sustainable Development

    Attractiveness of the solution

    Park & Play is an attractive solution for the customer, offering him new possibilities compared to traditional parking.

    Access to economy of use , modularity, dismantling and total reversibility , allows a fair purchase or a simple rental, no overconsumption, or unreasonable construction. The parking response is tailored to just what is needed . The return on investment is immediate for the customer in his ability to respond very quickly to the need thanks to the assembly time of only a few weeks allowed by the use of off-site.

    Finally, the product in itself is entirely removable, reusable and recyclable , giving its cost analysis an additional competitive advantage. For the customer, this means the possibility of recovering his virgin land at any time, and of making another use of it, costs of deconstruction or transformation that a traditional overhead parking structure would require.

    User comfort

    For users, Park & Play is a concrete and rapid response to parking problems while integrating real comfort for the driver. Indeed, parking comfort is guaranteed by the size of the spaces provided and the spacing between the posts allowed by the lightness of the structure.

    Preservation of the environment

    Park & Play is part of the challenges of sustainable construction thanks to:

    • Its absence of foundation which allows to preserve the ground and the subsoil by limiting the artificialization of the grounds (the waterproofing coating being applied only on the floor)
    • Its reusable and 100% reversible character : no demolition and recycling problem
    • Optimization of the construction process through off-site construction (optimization of resources, reduction of lead times, waste and transport)
    • The very purpose of Park & Play is part of an ambition of sustainable mobility : the establishment of eco-responsible park and ride facilities around towns, train stations, metro stations encourages intermodality and the use of inner city towns. soft modes and / or public transport.

    Limitation of consumption and rational use of natural resources:

    • The use of prefabricated components and an "off-site" manufacturing process leads to reducing the duration of the site and limiting its nuisances (less waste, better use of resources, more speed, etc.). These modular elements can be easily dismantled and then reused at another site. There will therefore be no waste production and therefore no recycling problem. Finally, the Park & Play car park was designed as an element of the construction with a lifespan of 50 years . Between 2 rental contracts, the equipment will be completely reconditioned to be re-let in new condition, which allows its lifespan to be extended almost indefinitely.
    • The concept of removable parking associated with a rental offer is a perfect illustration of reasoned consumption and sustainable construction , it can be dismantled and reused.
    • The choice of materials combining mainly PEFC labeled wood and recycled steel
    • As a largely ventilated car park , Park & Play does not require the installation of a mechanical ventilation system. On the other hand, the significant access to natural light helps to reduce lighting consumption during the day. Maintenance and energy consumption is therefore extremely low.

Testimony / Feedback

    "Park & Play is a concrete response to the problems of parking and urban mobility, a fundamental issue for our cities today: existing solutions are saturated, city centers are closing, mobility is evolving towards more environmentally friendly modes. The car will not disappear, however, its use and the organization of urbanization around modes of mobility must be rethought today for tomorrow. The Park & Play solution, overhead parking, relay on the outskirts of urban and peri-urban spaces is installed on an existing car park where the parking pressure is the strongest. It facilitates mobility, encourages intermodality and offers an eco-responsible and citizen solution for the "last mile". All cities are concerned: large cities and agglomerations but also small and intermediate cities, on a national, European or global scale: each city must address this vira today. ge and this environmental challenge. "

    Testimonial from Eric Raddaz, Managing Director of Park & Play



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    The governance of Park & Play is based on the experience of Gagnepark and its management committee, a team that has been expert in parking solutions for 15 years.

    The 2 economic models considered for the marketing of this property are: direct sale and rental to meet the economy of use and the fair need for parking.

Sustainable Solutions

    A removable car park without foundation with a wooden floor

    The advantages of off-site

    The Park & Play car park consists of prefabricated industrialized elements that can be reused for any other customer. The use of off-site offers the following advantages:

    • Limiting the carbon impact linked to the transport of materials on the site (reduction of the total mass of materials used, the volume of excavated material and the number of convoys by delivering finished products)
    • A speed of implementation which limits the nuisances and the impact on the environment.
    • Reduction of site waste through the delivery to the site of finished construction components in the quantities strictly necessary as well as a minimum limitation of deliveries of “bulk” materials.

    An efficient carbon footprint

    Thanks to its construction process, the absence of a foundation, its energy performance and the use of wood in its composition at more than 55%, Park & Play has a carbon footprint 63% more fabulous than a concrete parking lot. This calculation does not take into account its removable and reusable nature.

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Park & Play

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

Thanks to its concept and its constructive process, Park & Play is a sustainable and eco-responsible solution:

  • its carbon footprint , first of all, defies all competition thanks to the use of wood
  • its manufacturing process is based on off-site construction, meaning that all its components are prefabricated in the factory and only assembled on site, which translates into better management of resources, reduction of waste and transport.
  • its dismountable and 100% reversible nature results in the absence of waste at the time of dismantling and therefore recycling problems since all the components can be reused
  • the rental offer makes it possible to respond to the economy of use without overconsumption and adapted to the just necessary
  • Thanks to the absence of a foundation , the land containing the equipment - namely the existing car park, is preserved and will be returned virgin. The artificialization of the ground is thus limited to the existing one.

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Grand Prix Infrastructure Durable

Grand Prix Infrastructure Durable

Green Solutions Awards 2020-2021 / France
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Green Solutions Awards 2020-2021 / France