Cycling actions within the framework of the COMMUTE Project (2018-2021)

  • Year of commitment : 2020
  • Address 1 - street : 7 esplanade Compans Caffarelli 31011 TOULOUSE, France
  • Sustainable mobility : Intra-urban mobility, Mobility services, Soft modes of transport, Bicycle path

  • 700 000 €
  • Builder
    Toulouse Metropolis
  • Manager / Dealer
    Toulouse Metropolis

The European COMMUTE program is a private public collaborative project with many partners (Tisséo Collectivités, Toulouse Métropole, AFNOR, AIRBUS, ATR, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, Sopra-Steria, Safran and the successful business club).

This project is marked by the emergence and affirmation of the bicycle from March 2019. Indeed, beyond the commitments set in the program, the partners have agreed to operate the bicycle lever as one of the essential tools of the program. incentive for modal shift. The objective sought was to set up a set of actions and experiments serving as an ecosystem and contributing to the emergence of a cycling culture in the project.

The COMMUTE inter-employer mobility plan (PMIE), in collaboration and co-construction with the other actors of the project, has been able to benefit from the reversals encountered during these three years of the project to support the development of cycling in the area. Toulouse aeronautics and airport.

Several stages have confirmed the role of the project: creation of a framework and support document for the theme (the COMMUTE Cycling file in the PMIE), experiments, communication mechanisms, the redeployment of COMMUTE subsidies in favor of cycling or even echo with the roadmaps of local authorities in terms of cycling policy:

  • The Agglomeration Cycling Master Plan (SDCA) coordinated by Tisséo Collectivités.
  • The programming of Toulouse Métropole.

The assertion of the bicycle is also due to its strong growth: the voice and representativeness of cyclists have been confirmed internally in companies and in parallel with the deployment of actions carried out in the PMIE. The working group wanted to support this dynamic by leading a common reflection and by sharing a framework of actions.

This action plan is a real “bicycle system” (Frédéric Héran, 2014). Indeed, any cycling policy, at any scale, is effective if three levers are activated:

  • Improving infrastructure by working on the quality of the cycling network.
  • Offer bicycle services to cyclists to facilitate their daily use.
  • Communicate and inform users.

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Sustainable Development

    The project contributes to attractiveness by reducing congestion, which is particularly severe in this international employment area (Airbus, Safran, ATR, ATB).

    The development of cycling contributes to the well-being of employees by ensuring regular physical activity, reducing stress linked to traffic jams and improving mental health.

    The development of cycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants caused by automobile traffic.

Testimony / Feedback

    2 employees of Safran, a member company of the project, testify about their daily journey by bicycle.


    Tisséo Communities

    Local Authority

    Toulouse Metropolis


    Toulouse Metropolis


    The Commute project is a European partnership project associating Toulouse Métropole, Airbus SAS, Tisséo Collectivités, Sopra Steria, AFNOR, the Réussir Business Club, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, Avion de Transport Régional and Safran.

    Work Package 6, which contains bicycle actions, is managed by Tisséo Collectivités. The road works were carried out by Toulouse Métropole. Communication services and actions are carried by Tisséo Collectivités.

    The project operates on public funding with 80% European funds.

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Cycling plan aimed at:

  • Improving infrastructure by working on the quality of the cycling network.
  • Offer bicycle services to cyclists to facilitate their daily use.
  • Communicate and inform users.

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Grand Prix Infrastructure Durable

Grand Prix Infrastructure Durable

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