Font-Pré : an ecological neighbourhood

  • Address 1 - street : 1208 Avenue du Colonel Picot 83100 TOULON, France

  • Starting year of the project : 2011
  • Delivery year of the project : 2019

Certifications :

  • 3.72 ha

An ambitious program led by Bouygues Immobilier, Font-Pré the Eco-neighborhood, located in place of the old city hospital, is the first Eco-neighborhood in the city of Toulon.

A city space where it is good to live, the Font-Pré project integrates a global reflection of neighborhood development bringing together environmental, social and societal concerns, while putting innovation at the service of its inhabitants. Public square and many green spaces, local shops and services, modes of transport alternative… so many assets that Font-Pré l'Écoquartier offers and which make life easier for its inhabitants. A quality of life which is also at the heart of the design of the buildings, in total adequacy with the privileged environment that the project naturally brings. For many years, Bouygues Immobilier has been part of this urban planning approach and has put this experience at the service of this program.


  • Housing
  • Businesses and services
  • Green spaces
  • Others

Project progress

  • Operational phase

Key points

  • Quality of life
  • Mobility
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy /Climate


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Bouygues Immobilier and Renaud Dessade

Climate zone

[Csb] Coastal Mediterranean - Mild with cool, dry summer.

Built surface on natural or agricultural spaces

0,99 ha

Green areas, roofs included

15 000

Public spaces area


Office floor area

1 418

Commercial floor area

1 693

Housing floor area

47 787

Number of residential units


Number of social housing units


Project holder

    Bouygues Immobilier

    Private company

    Urban developer-designer and benchmark player on the French market for over sixty years, Bouygues Immobilier is present across the entire real estate value chain, from development to operation and promotion, its core business.
    With its multi-product offering - social, intermediate and free housing, office real estate, shops, managed residences and hotels - Bouygues Immobilier provides innovative and sustainable solutions to the needs of regions and its customers.
    Since all of its activities have a strong impact, Bouygues Immobilier aims to respond to major urban challenges, both environmental and societal, by maximizing its positive impacts (urban regeneration, local employment, etc.) and reducing its negative impacts (emissions of CO2, biodiversity, resources, etc.) to contribute to better living in the city.

Quality of life / density

Center of life and conviviality, Font-Pré is located 15 minutes from the Town Hall of Toulon and 4 kilometers from the large shopping centers in eastern Toulon. Residents will also be able to take advantage of the various shops located directly at the foot of the building.
The Ecoquartier is also close to school and sports facilities and hosts a cluster of medical practices (a general practitioner, nurses, two chiropodists and an osteopath), a pharmacy, an optician, a crèche, a supermarket, a neighborhood town hall. as well as a seniors' residence.

A concierge, located in the heart of the residence, offers free and practical services to all its inhabitants: receiving parcels when the resident is not at home, keeping his keys for a repairman, depositing laundry at the laundry, picking up and find a leisure activity, a service provider or even animal care. Residents also have access to a choice of paid services, such as support with administrative procedures, occasional or regular childcare, cleaning, watering plants, vehicle maintenance, etc.

The apartments are NF housing HQE® approach certified. The High Environmental Quality® approach is a set of requirements brought together to promote the quality of life of the residents of the Eco-neighborhood. For example, it involves in construction the use of sound construction and finishing materials, wooden components as well as products, processes and coatings that comply with environmental standards.

The acoustic comfort of residents also obeys regulations, with living rooms isolated from any noise pollution produced both inside and outside buildings. In order to ensure the hygrothermal comfort of the inhabitants, the accommodation is designed to minimize temperature variations and make the most of natural light, via adequate solar protection. Indoor air quality is optimized by ventilation evaluated according to several performance criteria (flow rate, pressure, etc.) and by the use of low-emission materials.

The design of the buildings aims to make them naturally comfortable for its inhabitants, summer and winter. By protecting them, for example, from the cold (few exposure to the north), noise and heat (orientations and adapted treatments of the facades). This is how each apartment can remain pleasantly temperate in summer, with the possibility of benefiting from cooling via collective equipment.

Elegant and timeless, the architecture of the Ecoquartier has been designed to stand the test of time. The environmental standards and certifications that govern the construction of residences converge towards sustainable building quality. The proper maintenance of residences and green common areas is based on a precise identification of maintenance needs and on ease of access to simplify interventions. The sustainability of the neighborhood and the building also relies on the correct information of occupants and managers.

Social diversity 

Through its unique equipment and services, the Ecoquartier Font-Pré  aims to bring together different generations: young workers, families and even seniors. The innovative design of the district makes it possible to adapt to each way of life.

Indeed, Font-Pré is made up of 789 housing units, 125 senior housing units. 70% of which is home ownership housing and 30% social housing. The Ecoquartier also accommodates medical premises, a district town hall, a nursery, shops and offices and parking lots; all promoting social and intergenerational diversity.

Mobility strategy

The Ecoquartier Font-Pré provides its residents with various solutions for getting around the neighborhood and the city.

A few steps from the district, line 1 of the Mistral network allows you to reach Place de la Liberté in just 20 minutes, with a bus every 8 minutes during rush hour. Thanks to a specially moved stop in front of Font-Pré, it is even easier to take public transport.

Each Écoquartier residence has secure bicycle garages. Self-service electric bikes are also available, ideal for getting to the city center without getting tired!

The Ecoquartier Font-Pré is largely pedestrianized, since 98% of car parks are located in the basement. Circulation on foot and signage are designed to facilitate the progress of all residents. Additional advantage: young parents will be able to benefit from premises intended for the storage of strollers on the ground floor forever more practicality.

From each apartment, access to secure underground parking is easy. Bouygues Immobilier has bet on modernity: 100% of parking spaces can be connected to an electric charging station. The A57 is accessible, 3 minutes from the Eco-neighborhood.

Water management

Water management within the eco-district:

Supply pressure, WC tanks, sanitary taps to limit consumption, cold and hot water meters… the residences integrate different systems adapted to saving water. Outside, rainwater is collected for watering the green communal areas.

The homes developed by Bouygues Immobilier are energy and water efficient, so residents are invited to take a few good steps to be so too. For this, they have the possibility of being guided in the control of their consumption. A team, commissioned by Bouygues Immobilier, is in fact responsible for raising awareness and supporting buyers who so wish, before and after entering the premises.

In order to monitor energy consumption very closely, there are real-time measurement and visualization tools in each apartment. Residents can thus very easily see the savings made thanks to the energy performance of the residence, monitor their consumption via their smartphone, view the cost of their own energy consumption linked to their lifestyle choices, and therefore calculate the savings they were able to achieve by adopting the right actions.

Waste management

Waste management within the eco-district:

Bins for the selective sorting of plastic packaging, cardboard and glass are made available to residents in each accommodation. A team, commissioned by Bouygues Immobilier, is responsible for explaining to all the inhabitants of which
sorting, within their home to voluntary selective sorting points located in the Ecoquartier.

Biodiversity and natural areas

The Ecoquartier Font-Pré, in Toulon, was the first operation to obtain a score of 3 “A” on the four axes of the BiodiverCity® label (commitment, resources implemented, evaluation of ecological benefits, benefits for users) .

In order to ensure the continuity of its commitment, Bouygues Immobilier has contracted a five-year partnership with the local branch of the LPO (League for the protection of birds) for the training of workers, animation and monitoring of nature commitments. on all phases of design, construction and operation of activity sites.

In the design phase, the multidisciplinary work between the landscaper and the project ecologist made it possible to create environments that are as aesthetic as they are favorable to nature. A series of adjustments and studies were thus carried out: impact glazing on birds, fences allowing the passage of animals, hedgehog lodges, insect hotels and nesting boxes (especially for the black swift). The ecological potential of this site, originally very mineral, has been considerably increased by the establishment of Mediterranean meadows and planted shrub beds.

In order to further link man to nature, a citrus garden, raised vegetable plots for seniors, as well as an educational walk have been made available to occupants. The views from the windows on nature have also been worked on.

To ensure the success of the project, the companies engaged, during the construction phase, in a “low nuisance construction site” approach. Biodiversity awareness meetings were held by the ecologist who supported the operation. Finally, the operation of the site has been anticipated through the development of an ecological maintenance plan. Indeed, the 10,000 m2 of green spaces are maintained without phytosanitary products and according to the principles of differentiated ecological management (that is to say a specific management - for example different frequency of mowing - of the different spaces in order to maintain refuges for biodiversity).

Climate adaptation, resources conservation, GHG emissions

The Ecoquartier Font-Pré achieves energy performance that is 10 to 20% higher (depending on the building) than the 2012 thermal regulations. This means that the building's conventional energy consumption (heating, cooling, hot water production, lighting , ventilation and pump auxiliaries) is 3 times smaller than that of a new residence delivered in the 2000s.
How do you achieve this result? Thanks to the architecture of the building (orientation, materials, equipment, etc.), the quality of the insulation, the control of electricity consumption in the common areas or the use of very efficient and economical electric heat pumps.
Thanks to this innovative energy solution specially developed for the Eco-neighborhood, residents can benefit from cooling (in addition to heating), all at a price roughly equivalent to a conventional heating solution.


The conventional energy consumption of the building (heating, cooling, hot water production, lighting, auxiliary ventilation and pump) is 3 times less than that of a new residence delivered in the 2000s. This is thanks to the architecture of the building (orientation, materials, equipment, etc.), the quality of the insulation, the control of electricity consumption in the common areas or the use of very efficient and economical electric heat pumps.
Thanks to this innovative energy solution specially developed for the Eco-neighborhood, residents can benefit from cooling (in addition to heating), all at a price roughly equivalent to a conventional heating solution.

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

  • Partnership and multi-year animation plan with the LPO

  • Installation of nesting boxes for swifts, insect hotels, hedgehog lodges

  • Planning principles: views found with the deconstruction of the hospital; new traffic routes that restore urban continuity; creation of public spaces and living spaces (such as the square on avenue Picot)

  • Landscape quality: 10,000 m² of green spaces (1/3 of the site); 5,000 plantations; reconversion of an urban wasteland with reduction of the waterproofed surface by 50%

  • Promotion of alternative modes of transport: 100% of parking lots connectable for recharging electric vehicles; 25% of places connected; a self-service electric bicycle service; use of the public transport offer

  • A range of services and activities: a neighborhood concierge; local shops; a medical center; public services

  • Generational diversity: a senior services residence with 125 apartments with Les Jardins d'Arcadie; an offer reserved for first-time buyers; a nativity scene of twenty cradles

  • Connected housing

  • An energy solution: developed with our partner EDF Optimal Solution, the installation of collective heat pumps will allow:

    • 20% energy savings compared to a conventional electric heating solution
    • To refresh the accommodation while remaining compliant with RT 2012 (-10 to -20% depending on the building)
    • A guarantee on the price of the calorie and its evolution
    • This installation will be associated with a remote heating control device to further increase energy performance.
  • Responsible residents:
    • Underground containers for selective sorting
    • Reflection in progress with the city on the treatment of household waste (underground containers managed by smart card)
    • Housing equipped with individual sorting tanks
    • Awareness of best practices for buyers after delivery by our consultant, the BET OASIIS
  • Exemplary site:
    • 80% recycling of materials from deconstruction
    • Commitment of companies to a "low nuisance site" approach
    • Business commitment to respect a social inclusion clause
  • BiodiverCity® label.

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Quartier Durable

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