New project of the Faubourgs d'Anfa

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New Construction

  • Building Type : Collective housing < 50m
  • Construction Year : 2018
  • Delivery year : 2018
  • Address 1 - street : Bd Sidi ABdellah Ben Cherif , 20000 Casablanca Maroc 20000 CASABLANCA, Maroc
  • Climate zone : [Csa] Interior Mediterranean - Mild with dry, hot summer.

  • Net Floor Area : 14 660 m2
  • Construction/refurbishment cost : 43 550 000 €
  • Number of Dwelling : 400 Dwelling
  • Cost/m2 : 2970.67 €/m2

Certifications :

  • Primary energy need
    39 kWhep/
    (Calculation method : Other )
Energy consumption
Economical buildingBuilding
< 50A
51 à 90B
91 à 150C
151 à 230D
231 à 330E
331 à 450F
> 450G
Energy-intensive building

· The Faubourgs d'Anfa is a real estate transaction carried out by Bouygues Immobilier Maroc, located in a developing district. The operation is located in the heart of a developing city in the heart of a 100Ha park, the SWC tower, and Other offices, this space is called Casa-Anfa.

· Qualified HQE operation which is delivered by CERWAY, which has in its scope of environmental labels concerning the Green Site OfficePlatinium and ECOSITE clean building.

· The project accounts for 2 separate buildings, accounting for 108 dwellings in total. Several configurations are available: from the small area (studio) to the Duplex.

· The choice is one of the project's strengths, timeless (marble and wood joinery) or modern (anthracite gray tiles and white upholstery)

· On the outside of the buildings there are green areas, secure design paths and delimited by common fences and a playground for children in the heart of the island, which allows a high quality of life together in the residence. The footprint of the residence and bounded by fences and access are secured by codes or badges, a guardian is present 24/24 in each building, It is necessary to have unbadge to be able to move from zone to zone.

· The accommodations are compact and functional. The comfort inside is ensured by various dispositions taken by the Master of Opration. First of all, the very high performance acoustic and thermal insulation systems on the front and between the apartments ensure great peace of mind.

· Also, the layout of the buildings on the plot as well as the orientation of the apartments was studied by the architect Omar Alaoui to provide the future occupants with the most appreciable views, in addition to a maximum natural brightness in the accommodations for optimal visual comfort.

· In terms of equipment and services, the apartments are equipped with a home automation system that can manage either for the easement assembly or for each room the position of the shutters, the lighting, the temperature, and allows a continuous follow-up of energy consumption relaxation.

· A self-adjusting VMC system is also installed (air intake above the exterior joinery and extraction openings in the damp rooms), which allows the continuous renewal of the indoor air to avoid harmful odors and mildew during prolonged absence of occupants.The sanitary equipment (showers, taps, bathtubs ...) are of good quality certified and has a system of reduction of water consumption to improve the energy performance of housing.

Data reliability

3rd part certified


Construction Manager


Owner approach of sustainability

Subscription and obtaining environmental labels HQE

Excellent 10-star passport and ILTIZAM

Respect of the environmental procedures specific to the Bouygues Construction sites around the world, namely Green Site Office Platinium, and Ecosite.

Architectural description

The Faubourgs d'Anfa is a very high-class Residential Residence, consisting of 391 dwellings developed over three building blocks, for a total of 7 separate buildings. The architecture is part of a modern architectural register.

Designed in R + 8 with 2 levels of parking common to each slice. The facades are coated white to remind the city of Casablanca. A spirit of greenery has been duplicated so that the surroundings of the residence is pleasant for both residents and passersby.

This project was designed to reduce its impact on the environment by obtaining the HQE Passport Excellent certification with a 10-star level.

The accommodations have been designed to meet the needs of various and varied, ranging from studios to spacious T4, all homes are compact for anoptimisation of the living space. They are also equipped with several complexes of thermal and acoustic insulation for an optimal comfort of the residents. Moreover, the services chosen by the Client comply with austanding of the operation, thanks to equipment and materials of quality. was also chosen to position the air conditioning units on the roof to avoid damaging the aesthetics of buildings.

Energy consumption

  • 39,00 kWhep/
  • 50,00 kWhep/
  • Other

  • 53,00 kWhef/
  • Heating: 0.959 kWh / m²
    Air conditioning: 17.53 kWh / m²
    Lighting: 20.20 kWh / m²
    Water system: 9.91 kWh / m²
    Auxiliaries: 3.98 kWh / m²
    Pumps: 0.66 kWh / m²

    Delivery in progress, we have no operating data yet.

Envelope performance

  • 0,44 W.m-2.K-1
  • Complexes of thermal and acoustic insulation have been set up for the outer walls of the apartments, the dividing walls of the dwellings, the internal walls of the dwellings and also in the floors of the buildings

  • 0,17
  • EN 13829 - n50 » (en 1/h-1)

  • 0,80

Real final energy consumption

    53,00 kWhef/

    2 018


    • Fan coil
    • Others
    • Individual electric boiler
    • Solar Thermal
    • VRV Syst. (Variable refrigerant Volume)
    • compensated Air Handling Unit
    • Solar Thermal
  • 43,00 %

Smart Building

     A home automation system is installed at the entrance of the housing to control the position of the shutters, the lighting of the rooms and their temperatures.
    It allows a regular monitoring of the energy consumption of the apartment.

    Customers very satisfied with this adjustment system during frequent visits of their property throughout the construction site.

GHG emissions


  • 44,00 KgCO2 /m2
  • 100,00 an(s)

Life Cycle Analysis

    Several studies were conducted by various stakeholders and verified by

Water management

  • 44,00 m3

Indoor Air quality

    The housing has a VMC system with air intakes at the levels of the exterior joinery and extraction vents in the damp rooms. This VMC operates continuously and is self-adjusting as needed. In addition the units are equipped with a reversible air-conditioning concealed in the false ceiling of the dry rooms, which allows on the one hand a better visual comfort (no apparent radiator), and an ease of use with a thermostat of atmosphere positioned in each dry room. This equipment allows a great thermal comfort, and does not evolve in an environment subject to mold and degradations


    All equipment, materials and services have been carefully selected to provide comfortable and sustainable housing. Indeed the comfort and health of future occupants were at the center of discussions when choosing all these parameters: thermal / acoustic insulation (high-performance insulation complexes), visual comfort (implementation of buildings and exhibition reflected by architects) quality of life (materials and finishes of good quality and high-end equipment).

    High-performance acoustic insulation complexes on the facade, between apartments horizontally and

    vertically. Acoustic tests were also carried out throughout the construction site at different times of the day and place of the buildings so that no situation was forgotten, and these tests were conclusive on all the slice 1 (being delivered), for optimum acoustic comfort for future residents


    Solar panels and sanitary hot water tanks

    Ariston et Chaffoteau

    Pas de contact, contacter par le site internet

    Solar panels and BECs were installed on the roof for the panels and in the flats for the balloons. The panels cover 40% of the DHW needs
    future occupants. Once this 40% is reached, the water is heated by electricity.

    It was necessary to find solar panels and BEC compatible for this association works the best possible, Ariston equipment and Chaffoteau being compatible for this kind of installation we chose these suppliers. (...)

Construction and exploitation costs

  • 3 484 000,00

Urban environment

On the outskirts of the city center, future business district

Green space


Building Environmental Quality

  • acoustics
  • waste management (related to activity)
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energies
  • maintenance

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

Building candidate in the category

Energie & Climats Chauds

Energie & Climats Chauds

Bas Carbone

Bas Carbone

Santé & Confort

Santé & Confort

Smart Building

Smart Building

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Coup de Cœur des Internautes

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