Accelerate the deployment of heat pumps in France and Germany

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Accelerate the deployment of heat pumps in France and Germany

On February 1, 2024, the Franco-German Office for the Energy Transition (OFATE) is organizing an online conference on the acceleration and deployment of heat pumps in France and Germany.

In recent years, the heat pump market has experienced strong growth. It is especially in new construction and in the context of energy renovation of buildings that we are now relying on heat pumps as a heating technology. France, in particular, has seen positive momentum in the deployment of this technology in recent years - with more than 620,000 heat pumps sold in 2022 compared to around 270,000 in Germany (source: EHPA).

In addition, both in France and Germany, the regulatory framework for decarbonization of building heating has recently been strengthened. In this context, the possibilities for subsidies for heat pumps have also been expanded. The two governments have also set ambitious objectives for the deployment of the heat pump sector. Thus, Germany must install at least 500,000 heat pumps per year from 2024 and France must produce 1 million per year by 2027.

To accelerate the development of heat pumps in the future, many challenges must be overcome, such as the development of European production capacities, the lack of qualified labor and the need for continuing education in the heat pump sector. crafts, or informing citizens to guarantee the social acceptance of heat pumps.

This online conference will be an opportunity to take stock of the regulatory framework and the support given to the development of heat pumps in France and Germany, and to discuss the best way to exploit their potential for the energy transition.

In this context, the following questions will be at the center of the discussions:

  • What is the regulatory framework in force for heat pumps and what support mechanisms exist in the two countries?
  • What are the potentials of the different applications of heat pumps?
  • What opportunities does the deployment of heat pumps offer for the energy transition and how can we best exploit them in practice?

  The event is aimed at all players in the energy sector in France and Germany. It will take place online and will be translated simultaneously into French and German.

Conditions of participation :

Participation is free for OFATE members,representatives of administrations and the press (on presentation of a press card).
The participation fee for non-members is 280 euros per person (excl. VAT). To check if your organization is a member of OFATE, please click here .


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