The SB&WRC project is supported by the European program Interreg VA France (Channel) England and receives financial support from the ERDF.

The University of Bath has created research and development protocols for the development of their prototype (prototype 3). This document outlines procedures for the material characterization and  manufacturing of the insulation prototype, including testing of the mechanical properties, thermal performance, environmental performance and fire resistance, which have been presented in a design fact sheet.

This research and development protocol firstly outlines a manufacturing protocol for the  production of the prototype, followed by the proposed characterisation protocol for the raw material (at small scale). This document also sets out a larger scale testing protocol to characterise the prototype based on its physical, mechanical, thermal and hygric properties. Fire resistance and indoor air quality (IAQ) performance will also be considered.

Production of prototype 3

  • Manufacturing of the prototype
  • Preparation of the control bale

Raw material characterisation

  • Physical properties
  • Chemical properties 
  • Hygric properties

Prototype characterisation 

  • Physical properties 
  • Mechanical properties 
  • Thermal properties 
  • Hygric properties 

Potential additional testing 

  • Fire resistance 
  • Indoor Air Quality

These parameters have been chosen in order to allow a comparison with current materials on the market. This protocol indicates the procedure that will be followed for the various tests (with a short description of the method and any associated standards). The time schedule is also shown in this document which states that the manufacturing of the prototype and its testing should be done by the end of October 2018.



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