The SB&WRC project is supported by the European program Interreg VA France (Channel) England and receives financial support from the ERDF.

ESITC Caen develops research and development partnerships with industry and academic bodies in the field of sustainable construction and eco-materials.  Through its research topics (materials for engineering, environmental geotechnics, energy and environment, and maritime infrastructures) the research team supports industry and local authorities to provide technical solutions for construction materials, including; material characterisation (mechanical, geotechnical and microstructural), design of concrete and other construction materials, recycling and reuse of industrial and agricultural by-products and environmental impact assessments (LCA).

Within the project, ESITC Caen will participate in the design and the development of the three prototypes. ESITC Caen will characterise the used raw materials, conduct technical tests on the second prototype, participate in the operational deployment and environmental impact assessments of prototypes 2 and 3, as well as in the dissemination the project results to construction professionals.

Moreover, the project fits perfectly with ESITC Caen’s science and research strategies and consolidates their expertise in the development of sustainable and bio-based construction materials, at several levels. At a scientific level, by promoting the technical benefits and high performance characteristics of bio-based materials within construction systems. At environmental and economic levels, by developing new circular economy value chains in the field of construction, which can be easily implemented and economically viable. At an education level, by sharing knowledge drawn from the research project to engineering students, thus contributing to the training of building professionals and encouraging interest in sustainable development practices.



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