Ascott Makati

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  • Building Type : Hotel, boarding house
  • Construction Year : 1999
  • Delivery year : 2019
  • Address 1 - street : 1224 East St, Makati 1000 METRO MANILA, Other countries
  • Climate zone : [Aw] Tropical Wet & Dry with dry winter.

  • Net Floor Area : 55 225 m2
  • Number of Bedroom : 362 Bedroom

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  • Primary energy need
    (Calculation method : )
Energy consumption
Economical buildingBuilding
< 50A
51 à 90B
91 à 150C
151 à 230D
231 à 330E
331 à 450F
> 450G
Energy-intensive building

Surrounded by steel-clad skyscrapers, Ascott Makati stands out from the busy city of Manila. The hotel offers guests a tranquil escape, while also providing easy access to the shopping hub of Ayala and nearby corporate offices such as the Philippine Stock Exchange. The 20-floor hotel consists of 362 serviced apartments ranging from studios to three-bedrooms that are designed to feel like a home away from home. Each suite contains a fully equipped kitchen and elegant furnishings, while downstairs guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, tennis court or gym.

The developers of Ascott Makati, The Ascott Limited, chose to retrofit the existing hotel to improve resource efficiency and to appeal to guests who are committed to a sustainable lifestyle. The redesign of the hotel included installing energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pumps for hot water to save energy. Other features like low-flow showerheads and dual flush water closets conserve water. Ascott also reused existing material from the floor slabs, roof, walls and window frames, which will reduce embodied energy in materials by 84%. The building is expected to reduce operational costs by more than one fourth.

Based in Singapore, Ascott has a global portfolio of over 660 properties in 170 cities across more than 30 countries. The international lodging owner-operator has more than 30 years of experience delivering quality projects and has committed to building its properties green. From China to Ghana, Ascott contributes to a transformation of the hospitality industry that invests in sustainable construction methods. Ascott Makati has received final EDGE certification from the Philippine Green Building Initiative.

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Photo credit

Photos Courtesy of The Ascott Limited

Construction Manager


Energy consumption

    16 kWhfe/m2.year : cooling energy
    5 kWhfe/m2.year : fan energy
    4 kWhfe/m2.year : pump energy
    5 kWhfe/m2.year : other
    12 kWhfe/m2.year : lighting
    2 kWhfe/m2.year : water heating
    21 kWhfe/m2.year : catering

  • 89,00 kWhpe/m2.year

Envelope performance

    Roof U-value: 1.99 W/m².K
    Wall U-value: 1.86 W/m².K
    Glass U-value: 5.75 W/m².K

Real final energy consumption

    65,00 kWhfe/m2.year


    • No heating system
    • Heat pump
    • Water chiller
    • Natural ventilation
    • No renewable energy systems


    Reduced Window to Wall Ratio - WWR of 49%
    Air Conditioning with Water Cooled Chiller - COP of 5.9
    Variable Speed Drives on the Fans of Cooling Towers
    Heat Pump for Hot Water - COP of 3.2
    Energy-Saving Light Bulbs - Internal/External Spaces/Back of house

    Second œuvre / Plomberie, sanitaire 

    -Low-Flow Showerheads - 7.89 L/min
    -Low-Flow Faucets in Guest Rooms/Apartment Area - 4.61 L/min
    -Dual Flush for Water Closets in Guest Rooms/Apartment Area - 5 L/first flush and 3.5
    L/second flush
    -Water-Efficient Urinals in All Bathrooms - 1.9 L/flush
    -Single Flush/Flush Valve for Water Closets in all Other Bathrooms - 4.8 L/flush
    -Water-Efficient Dishwashers - 5.3 L/Rack
    -Water-Efficient Kitchen Faucets - 4.61 L/min

    Second œuvre / Cloisons, isolation

    -Floor Slabs: Re-Use of Existing Floorslab
    -Roof Construction: Re-Use of Existing Roof
    -External Walls: Re-Use of Existing Wall
    -Internal Walls: Re-Use of Existing Wall
    -Window Frames: Re-Use of Existing Window Frames

Energy bill

  • 50 394,00

Water management

  • 68 592,00 m3
  • 29 m3/ room/year : guest showers
    7 m3/ room/year : guest faucets
    8 m3/ room/year : Guest /WC
    3 m3/ room/year : public area
    16 m3/ room/year : kitchen
    4 m3/ room/year : landscaping


    Ascott Makati offers our guests the comforts and little lavishes that makes for a memorable stay. Serviced apartments are spacious and elegantly furnished with contemporary furniture. Apartments come in various sizes, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments that come fitted with en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, washing machines and dryers.

    Ascott guests have access to comprehensive facilities such as an on-site fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, spa and massage centre and a list of services like dry cleaning, airport transfer, babysitting and daily housekeeping.

GHG emissions

  • 38,00 KgCO2/m2/year
  • CO₂ Emissions from Electricity Generation: 591.7 g/kWh

Reasons for participating in the competition(s)

Manila's climate is classified as tropical. The temperature here averages 27.3 °C.

​Energy (26% energy savings) :  Air conditioning with water cooled chiller, heat pump for hot water and energy-saving lighting.
Water (34% water savings): Low-flow showerheads and faucets, dual flush water closets in guest rooms, water-efficient single flush water closets and water-efficient urinals in other bathrooms, and water-efficient dishwashers.
Materials (84% less energy embodied in materials) : Re-use of existing floor slabs, roof, internal and external walls and window frames.

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