Urban roofs remain a little exploited space on which agriculture can develop and provide sustainable solutions to food, economic and climate issues in the city. A new stage in this urban agricultural development is therefore to create greenhouses on the roof that are totally integrated into the building's flow: in particular heat, water and CO2.
In this context, our greenhouse project on the roof of the Ferme Urbaine de St Denis consists of the construction and operation of a productive vegetable garden of 360 m² on the roof of the office and workshop building of the Ferme de St Denis, an urban farm run by les Fermes de Gally. This project will produce hydroponic and substrate agricultural products sold locally, in addition to farm production in the ground.
The greenhouse will have to work in synergy with the support building. Its location on the roof offers the advantage of enhancing the flat roof surface and thus preserve the floor space for the activities of the Kersanté Farm of St Denis (FKSD in the following). This feature will also allow it to easily connect to the heating and ventilation network of the building to recover heat and CO2, contained in the stale air, necessary for the cultivation of plants.


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