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District Heating and Cooling: On the road to 5th Generation!

Attending this conference, you’ll learn from scratch why 5GDHC grids are easy to implement in the North-West European cities and why you should start now!


Know more about the concept Be inspired by key outcomes from the 5 pilot sites Understand the potential of 5GDHC across Europe
The event will introduce the 5GDHC concept, its principles, and its future developments across Europe. Project partners from the 5 pilot sites will explain the benefits they're expecting from 5GDHC on the environmental, financial, and energy aspects. Every city can start a 5GDHC grids project from now! Indeed, it's an affordable solution and a real opportunity for energy grids in North-West Europe. 


Interested in experimenting 5GDHC in your own city? Following the event, D2Grids project partner Open University will host a workshop for policy makers on 5th generation district heating and cooling. The workshop will include a serious game and key highlights to help you start a 5GDHC project.


Join us on Wednesday 10th November 2021 for 2 events on 5GDHC!

D2Grids Conference (10:00 am - 12:00 pm CET)

  • 5GDHC principles, benefits & challenges
  • Focus on the pilot sites
  • Exploring the potential of 5GDHC across Europe

Workshop (2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CET) - places are limited

  • Programme to be defined

Location: The event will take place in Sloans (62 Argyll Arcade, 108 Argyle Street) in Glasgow but also online!


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