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[Webinar] UK – Staffordshire: Mobilising the local supply chain I

District Heating has a strong position in  the Nordics. To secure this position operators must apply new solutions and strategies to reduce costs and increase customer value. What are these new technologies and solutions. And how do we further accelerate the ongoing digitalisation of our sector?

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At this session we will present investment programmes currently underway in the region. We will also highlight the technologies involved and the skills required to prepare an investment project – feasibility study, business modelling, technical design and programme management. The overall objective is to make the local supply chain aware of the investments in progress, and to describe how businesses can position themselves to the emerging opportunities. Topics addressed include:

  • Decarbonising Staffordshire– Investments underway
  • Vision –Decarbonising Heating while Regenerating Staffordshire
  • Strategy –Business modelling and Securing buy-in
  • Programme Management –From vision to operations
  • Local Universities offering trainingProfessional skills

The session is organised in partnership with Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and is offered free of charge.

Event published on Heat Academy
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