[SPOC] Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy – Executive certificate

  • Institution: Institute of Sustainable Energy
  • Duration (days) - Training places: 90 days - PALAISEAU France
  • Tax-exclusive price : 11000 €
  • Available in intra : Yes / E-learning included : Yes

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    • Provide state-of-the-art knowledge in renewable energy technologies
    • Teach the skills needed to manage innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector
    • Deliver a strong working knowledge of project management through a collective project

    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Understand the global and regional macro-economic balance in energy markets 
    • Draw up strategies for the public or corporate domain
    • Apply a comprehensive understanding of the different renewable energy technologies as an aid to future decision-making
    • Adopt best practices in innovation and entrepreneurship and employ them to develop new cutting-edge projects 
    • Master contractual aspects and risk analyses for project development in renewable energy and meet the challenges of infrastructure project management

    To discover

    Technological aspects

    • SPOCs on different renewable energy technologies

      • Photovoltaic solar energy
      • Hydro, wind and marine resources
      • Biomass and bioenergy
    • Experimental teachings
      • Photovoltaic module performance characterisation under outdoor conditions
      • Wind turbine performance and wind characterisation under outdoor conditions
      • Characterisation of silicon solar cells
      • Preparation of organic solar cells
      • Nanogrid performance experimentation

    Business aspects (SPOCs and synchronous classes)

    • Innovation and strategy
    • Operation management
    • Financial valuation
    • Global and regional energy models
    • Project contracts and risks
    • Market organisation and industrial structure
    • Project finance

    Seminars given by energy and climate experts

    • Climate change challenges 
    • Energetic challenges 

    The renewable energy sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and one of its greatest challenges is how to integrate renewable energy sources into the mix of energy solutions on a global basis. This need has created a substantial demand for new skills and increased training, especially in continuing education at executive levels. Furthermore, this demand applies to both technical and business professionals.

    Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy utilises the complementary resources of two leading academic institutions – Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris – to deliver a dual-focus education programme that brings you up-to-date with the latest technological developments in renewable energy and teaches you the rules and best practices of entrepreneurship.

    The course is aimed at a professional executive audience. Specific categories include researchers seeking to start up ventures in the renewables sector, energy company engineers wanting to re-orient their careers, and technical staff in charge of renewable energy projects at public institutions.

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    Duration (days) : 90 days

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